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 I wonder if the Dems have dug up Kavanaugh's elementary school reports as well? (3)

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I wonder if the Dems have dug up Kavanaugh's elementary school reports as well?

The hypocrisy from the Left is clinical.

Bill Clinton has been one of the Democrat's respected spokesmen for decades now. The Democrat Party chose him to be our President, knowing full well all his womanizing and rape allegations? These allegations did not happen when he was a teenager, but when he was a Governor!

The Democrat Party has stooped so low, they are now looking at the actions of people when they were children! I thought the Left was big on forgiveness, second chances, rehabilitation, pasts sins no longer helled against criminals, etc. etc.

There is no forgiveness from this extremist Gestapo  Left, even if your sins were committed when going through puberty! If you are a Conservative, the Democrat Party treats you like lepers. To them you are deplorable and irredeemable.

How low are they willing to go to prevent Constitutionalist Justices from being appointed? They have become a Party of extremists, having temper tantrums from losing the ability to transform our nation into a Socialist cesspool of Liberal activism.

Dianne Feinstein knew of these school reports many weeks ago, but waited to the week of confirmation to further delay his appointment. Long ago Kavanaugh was thoroughly investigated by the FBI over these reports, yet here we are once again with the obstructionist Democrat Party.

Government constantly shows how corrupt it is, yet Democrats still want bigger government controlling every aspect of our lives.

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I hear he told a dog it was a bad dog when he was 7. The libs will need a full report.

That depends on whether or not it was a Conservative dog...

Yes, the next group fighting Kavanaugh will be PETA. You know, the animal right's group that cares more for animals than viable unborn babies.

Remove the log from your eye before judging others over the speck in their eyes.

Democrats have lost all shame and sense of humility when it comes to their hatred towards Conservative thought.

The sins of the those on the Left are simply regarded as human nature, mistakes.

But if someone on the Right may have sinned decades ago in school? CRUCIFY HIM!