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What is identity?

You are a person. However, your atoms and cells are constantly changing, so are you still the same person as you were when you clicked on this debate.

Since nobody from the 18th century is still alive, is the US the same country as it was at its creation? The flag has changed and the people have changed. Let's suppose that we renamed the US the Great US? Is it still the same country?

We should add a philosophy section to this website.
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I genuinely appreciate and concur with your proposal of having a philosophy section on this site but unfortunately with low lives like Numberone ' on the books such an inclusion would flounder on the rocks of ignorance and negativity.

The name Great Britain' is both a geographical and political term that includes Scotland, Wales and England.

The word great is used as in, large, as it is the largest Island in the British Isles.

As the United States has increased significantly since it was founded the title of Great United States would be a justified self description.

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To say "Such and such" is "Something else" is inherently fallacious. The "is" in language is the equivalent in mathematics to an equal sign(equivalent to an equal sign.. lol). The reason why they don't teach this in schools is because it undoes all of their indoctrination.

"All affirmations are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true, false, and meaningless in some sense."

Now repeat this mantra over and over again until you figure out how "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is God".

Unless you are either too stupid or uncreative to do so, of course.

Of course, the next joke would be that what one person thinks of being God is not the same as what someone else thinks of as being God.

The joke is that God isn't any of these things, God is The Supreme and Ultimate Reality as it Truly IS. As this is the case, the difference between creation and The Uncreated can be discerned.

See, identity is creation, it fundamentally has to do with creation.

God is what God is. The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is The Supreme and Ultimate Reality.

IF you believe that, great, but that still isn't what it really is.

If I say "I am a man", I might be a man, but if you take all the mens in the world, you'd see that they are all different. What ties us all together?

People can't even agree on that. Yet, it's how we make sense of things. Are any two of anything the same?

No, it is evident that they are not. Identity is made up. It is unhealthy to take it too seriously.

See, God chops through all this bullcrap like karate through boards. That is why God consciousness is so important. It is easily the best personal practice in every conceivable way.

NumberOne(442) Disputed
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To say "Such and such" is "Something else" is inherently fallacious.

You've spent the last three months arguing that God is the "supreme and ultimate reality" you mad twit. With this one sentence you've just contradicted everything you've said for an entire quarter of a year.

Antrim(1297) Disputed
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What's your slant on the thread shithead.

So you're on just to criticize with your usual boring negative repertoire of meaningless bullshit.

You've single handedly brought his forum down to the gutter along with yourself and you whore ma.

Why don't you fuck off back to the jungle where you can shit all day without anyone noticing?

TzarPepe(792) Disputed
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IF you understood what "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality" was, you'd realize the absurdity of ever communicating such a thing.

In fact, if you completely done away with saying "something is something else", I'm not too sure how positively that would effect the world.

It's just how things work. The thing is, Christianity addresses this issue with The Trinity. Why do the God deniers not see this? They are superstitious, and they feel smug in their ignorance when they find superstitious people who profess the faith without understanding it.

It doesn't matter how simple, plain, clearly, lucid, direct, or well thought out the method of communication.... It doesn't matter how perfect the image... A defiled heart will never see God.