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 Idiot Leftist show how stupid they are (10)

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Idiot Leftist show how stupid they are

As the "not guilty" verdict came in for Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday, many were so quick to rush to react that they ignored key facts of the case. This included an Instagram video, filmed by Deaquan Nichols, at James Madison University, during which he claimed Rittenhouse was charged "with murdering and taking away two beautiful Black lives." 
The above shows how "Stupid" the Little Leftist are
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Rosenbaum was convicted of multiple accounts of sexual contact of a minor, and had been charged with even more, but he had agreed to a plea deal. The court had also been asked to revoke his probation. He was out on bond over a domestic abuse battery accusation. So you Dummy Leftist where is race included in the above insanity ?

MantisBreath(24) Disputed
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You consistently engage in sexual contact with zoo animals.

Chinaman(3005) Disputed
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Show some facts you misguided facts you fuckin idiot

You got you some facts there Dummy

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Gaige Grosskreutz, who Rittenhouse shot after Grosskreutz raised his handgun at him and advanced towards him, is Caucasian.

Baby Girl Leftist are ignorant misinformed Commies

There are educated leftists, then there are instagram leftists who are more focused on being black than being a leftist.

Chinaman(3005) Disputed
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Who might be your fav be when it comes to Commies ?

Ya got an answer Dummy

MantisBreath(24) Disputed
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Who might be your fav be when it comes to Commies ?

A true commie favors the collective as their favorite commie collectively.

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Oh, Outlaw, how I've missed your copy/paste debates. You know how I can tell? Because everything else I say goes through one eye of yours and out the other.

That's right, it's me, and I'm BACK >=)

Maybe the white people he shot identified as black ;)