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 If Bush had to honestly answer one question, what would it be? (19)

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If Bush had to honestly answer one question, what would it be?

No fibbing Mr. President!
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Why did we really go to war with Iraq?

dcovan(170) Disputed
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Does anyone remember all the resolutions the UN gave saddam and he never responded to them.What should we have done?Just keep putting forth stupid resolutions and let him do whatever he wanted?

Loudacris(912) Disputed
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Yeah, I remember that but it was more than 4 years ago! We were taken to war under false pretenses and staying there at this point is just a drain on lives, money and the overall well being of hundreds of millions of people.

If he truly had to answer honestly, I would ask him this.

One more thing: He didn't even get the oil!

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There were no WMDs. The intel was false and the CIA and other experts knew it.

Generations of Americans will have to pay the bill, 100,000s are dead and pretty much everything your president told you about the war was a lie. And you can justify that still? Just wow!

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that's exactly what i was thinking... what was the main issue you decided to wage a war about? was it really the threat of terrorism? or was it a way to further your maniacal leadership of this military industrial complex?

one question, dude ;)

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How about, "Are you really that stupid or is this just a big joke"?

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you should have inserted "sick" between big & joke.

With which of all your blunders can we most successfully impeach you?

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Brilliantly stated!

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Who is the puppet master?

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

Why, after 9-11, knowing that Saddam Hussein had NO ties with Osama bin Ladin did you take the opportunity to help assassinate Hussein instead of going after Al Quaeda and the Taliban?

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His answer would surely be 'because our oil is buried under his country'.

Side: Just One Truth
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Why do you make a mockeree of the US and yourself so much?

Side: Just One Truth
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cms07...If you're going to ask such a question, please direct it to someone specific! I'm not certain who you were referring to by your comment and certainly don't see anyone making a mockery of the US or themselves on this thread. This is a site for debates and opinions on many different subjects. By its very definition, those who debate will have very different opinions and many ways of expressing them. Your comment serves no purpose whatsoever unless you explain it and back it up, if you can.

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