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If Covid kills fat people, is body positivity killing people?


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Yes of course it does.

The 'body positivity' contingent will blissfully live the lie that as long as they're happy with their grotesque body shape and wobbling blubber they have have no increased health issues.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The increased susceptibility of OBESE people to both catching the disease and it having a more severe affect on them was first noticed during the initial wave of coronavirus at the I C U of the University of Vermont Medical Centre.

There critical care physician Maty Ellen Antkowiak quickly recognised a tragic pattern emerging.

Patients arriving at the hospital had flulike symptoms and fever.

After examination they tested positive for covid-19.

They grew increasingly short of breath and were put on ventilators.

Many died.

In addition to this course of the disease it was noticed that the morality rate was significantly higher among OBESE patients.

Antkowiak said; ''these were otherwise healthy, hard-working people''.

''Their major risk factor for getting this sick was OBESITY''.

It has long since been accepted globally throughout the medical profession, including the Pulitzer and the Heising-Simons Foundation that OBESITY is a major factor in contracting covid-19.

Needless to say fatties will go into denial and berate anyone who presents the facts.

It's all a worldwide conspiracy against fat people.

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