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If God doesn't exist, why are we composed of Adams at the subatomic level?

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Because on the Eve of creation that was all that was available at the time?

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If string-based instruments aren't the most musically sophisticated why is the universe made of quantum strings?

Also "subatomic" means smaller than atoms, so what you are trying to say is at the atomic (adamic?) level.

Also if we are made of adams would that not mean that MAN is fundamental rather than God?

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Scientists can't even explain why anything exists in the first place. But they have faith that no help was required. It all just popped into existence all by itself.

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The infinite regress must stop at some point, so our options are does it take a something to create something, seeing nothing can only create nothing. And if only something can create something, and we are conscious, the only thing that can create consciousness is an uncreated consciousness beyond our space and time who created our space and time.

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No matter what stories they come up with, atheists cannot get around the law of causality. Nothing happens, nothing can exist unless someone causes it to happen or exist.

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Ha ha. It took me a moment to figure out what you had done there.

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