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 If Jesus Were Born to a Virgin Again Today, How Would He be Different? (11)

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If Jesus Were Born to a Virgin Again Today, How Would He be Different?

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2 points

His mother would be a guest on Maury.

1 point

"You are... Not the father!"

"Oh, thank you Jesus!"

"Ey, leeb muh babuh oudda dis!"

He'd pop a cap in yo sinner ass!

Only females can be born to virgins; this is why Jesus is a joke.

1 point

No, Prod, Satan is a joke. .

1 point

Well seeing how no one is a virgin beyond age 12 now... he would first be confused to why he was born to a child. Secondly he would probably have a sudden panic attack of how much bull shit has changed. He'd probably smack people saying, "really?! money?! wtf is this bullshit, oh and i see you instantly send messages, i come back to this? Consumerism slaves and pointless communication systems?! What the hell guys... no wonder dad lost hope in you guys!"

2 points

"Wow, Jesus. No need to be a dick about it."

12characters(224) Clarified
1 point

You were not a virgin past age 12?... You know people who lost their virginity at 12?!... Holy F*ck! What a tiny cock to be using in the first place?!

Kite626(714) Clarified
1 point

you have no idea... i'm not even exaggerating, it's now perceived as normal to have had sex by the time you reach freshman year.

1 point

I was a virgin until I was 22, and why are kids having sex at that age? Play a sport, and tonsil hockey doesn't count. LOL.

Kite626(714) Disputed
1 point

I think 16 + is the "proper age," in which it should happen. Why, i'm guessing because of the way it feels...?

He would probably be a born again virgin ;)

joecavalry(40097) Clarified
1 point

BTW, I don't think born again virgins are as good as the real thing ;)