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 If Jesus did conquer death, then he was rebellious like Satan. (22)

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If Jesus did conquer death, then he was rebellious like Satan.

And being rebellious against the God means evil. 

Unless, of course, God conquered death for his son. But then much of what the most vocal Christians say here falls apart like a house of cards (not like they care anyway.) 
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That wasn't too hard.

The Son has sinned. So has Satan.

And one was clearly not supporting the bully even partially.

It seems that it has been rather too easy.

No one could dispute me, after all.

Is there anyone who thinks that this faith is at all worth defending?

No one?

It pains me to see that the religion thumpers here are so wilfully irrational.

Especially that illiterate stain.

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I believe this is under the fallicy of "false premise". How was Jesus conquering death rebellion against God? Have you ever read the Bible? Like ever? Christ's death was the Father's will, that's the entire point of His prayer in the garden. Christ's "conquering death" was fullfilling the payment for sin, which is death. Since Jesus is of infinite worth because He is God, he can pay an infinite payment for an infinite amount of people. It's not going against God's will, it's actually God will.

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There is another argument like yours I replied to… you should read other things before replying, the same reply goes to you.

trumpet_guy(502) Disputed
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I've read all your arguments. If someone brings up a real point your argument reduces to name-calling.

If God paid the price for our sins, then whom did he pay it to?

I guess you're operating based on the assumption the Trinity doesn't exist with this one? Meaning either God had to pay to a higher power or He is irrational? I would adknowledge your argument if the Trinity wasn't evident throughout Scripture but it is.

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are all one, this is known as the trinity. The three in one. Separate but the same person at the same time. This is confusing for many but have you ever read a book called Flatland? It presents a two-dimensional world. In this world all things that exist are two dimensional and observe it's own world in one dimension. Meaning shapes would appear as lines and you would discern distance and separation of bodies by shading. If a three-dimensional object was to go through this world, for example a hand, it could exist in multiple parts of the world, appear as separate entities, but still exist as a single object in reality. This is a good way to understand the Trinity. It's still incomplete but its much better than the egg or states of matter illustrations that are used.

With the Trinity, God the Son pays the price set by God the Father and meets the requirement He Himself set.

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Yes you're correct but there are different rules for Jesus isn't there when it comes to believers ? , Jesus on earth was involved in theft , lying and mysoginictic behaviour so rebelliousness would fit with his personality .

Regarding god been evil I agree and indeed proved it recently on here :)

Yes, but he had the authority of God in those, so they can be seen as good.

Conquering death from God is clearly an act against him, and thus definitely evil.

Though I wonder why their deity conveniently stopped killing doubters like that. Not to mention that I've never heard it doing so in the East.

What happened to the father and son and holy spirit?? God is Jesus and Jesus had no sins. Jesus was nailed to a cross. Jesus was nailed to a cross because he had no sins NONE. someone nailed him to a cross because he had no sins people were afraid of him.

In the case that Jesus was omnipotent, he didn't conquer death at all, because he already had it.

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absolutely... and there is no question in comparing Our Lord to satan..!!! I pity the ones who are for the motion.. if u haven't read the Bible the don't comment nonsense

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Yes, of course, that's definitely the reason for your extremely informative statement that entirely defeats my claims.

Your pity is as poorly founded as your dogma.

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NO what of he just wantted to die for us so we could go back to him!

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Seems like you have no idea of the context of this debate.

Here's other, earlier debate, and based on how much you differentiate between God and Jesus, the major part of your position might be destroyed in the other debate than this one. If Godpaidthepriceforoursinsthenwhomdidhepayitto

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He conquered death for people like us could go back to heaven and have eternal life with him and god He died for our sins. I am a Mormon!

rebellion isn't the sin. God is rebellious against sin and Satan. The end.