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 If Judaism, Christianity + Islam are all Abrahamic religions, isn't God the same? (13)

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If Judaism, Christianity + Islam are all Abrahamic religions, isn't God the same?

What we mean by this is whether God is essentially the same in each religion, since these religions are all Abrahamic, and are quite similar, especially with the teachings in their Holy books.
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There were many similarities in Religions from thousands of year ago, because there is only one true God.

But certain religions decided to go their own way, denying Christ as the messiah. There in lies the difference between the one true faith, and man made religions.

If you notice, the New Testament scriptures teaches people to love and forgive even their enemies.

Islam teaches to kill the non believer, kill Gays, kill women and daughter's through honor killings, etc. etc.

Without Christ, there is no love and forgiveness in man's heart. Christ was the light of the world. He ushered in humanity to even those who did not deserve it.

excon(13667) Disputed
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He ushered in humanity to even those who did not deserve it...

Hello From:

Couple things..

Sounds like Christ himself never banned a single soul.

Truth is, you're the most UN-Christ like character I've EVER had the displeasure to meet....


FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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You are the world! Not willing to admit why you are banned, and constantly whining about it.

You and I both know that you are banned for one reason.... DECEPTION!

You REFUSE to admit you support No Restriction abortions when voting for Democrats who vow to keep it legal. I Will not debate liars because it is a total waste of time. I could prove beyond a shadow of doubt the truth of any issue and a liar will deny it. Why bother debating these types of people?

If banning liars makes me un Christ like to the non christian, I must be doing something right.

Truth is you are the most deceptive character I've ever had the displeasure to debate.

A number of times I have un banned everyone, and you chose to not respond to those debates. So much for wanting to debate me. I justunbannedeveryonefromanewdebatesoheresyourchancetopolitely_respond

Thank you very much i agree with you on that final point you made

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Yes we do deserve it. NO ONE deserves Hell or suffering, and I think after the way God has treated me, He can go fuck Himself. I spend all of my fucking time trying to find a way to kill myself, because nothing works for my mental disabilities. I wish I had been aborted, because I don't deserve this misery.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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People who support killing our most innocent vulnerable viables babies have got a lot of nerve complaining to God about anything.

You talk about what God supposedly is doing to you, while you support Politicians who keep it legal to dismember viable babies limb from limb.

If you want to feel better, give your life to God FOR REAL instead of putting your mental illness ahead of a baby's life. Free psychiactric care is more important to you than a baby's life, and you wonder why you are having a hard life?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start caring about babies being killed.

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YEP! It's just that a different man, or men, wrote a different book / scroll with different "rules" in order to get control of "the masses", to TAKE control of as many as possible that were following that "other" fallacy. Greed and power were the driving forces. Come with me and have "eternal life"! (Or 72 virgins … whichever appeals to you most! ;-)

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Non believers like you would write a book saying how it is ok to kill viable babies. This is why Christianity was not written by selfish depraved hypocritcal men.

AlofRI(2851) Clarified
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Let's see, how many "believers, like you, refuse to listen to over 11,000 scientists from over 150 countries about the "untold suffering" of people … including ACTUAL babies (and the deaths of thousands of "viable babies") if we don't do what we have to do to combat climate change?? Blind, hypocritical believers like you should "widen your vision" and do your best to save those millions of babies AND mothers (and even YOUR Gr. Grandchildren ;-).

I think YOU are wrong. Christianity WAS written by selfish, depraved, hypocritical men! Men who were intent on controlling the "masses" (and their money). And, by the way, that "book" they wrote in MANY PLACES, glorified "baby killing" as a necessary punishment for not following your "gods" "loving ways"! Certainly women like you weren't invited to the writings … they were to be "under control" at all costs … and designated as "baby makers … second class" … ;-) . I can't believe in a religion like that. Now, about that word … hypocritical …. and we should put the word "depraved" in this conversation also … and use it to describe selfish "Christians" like YOU!

If you sat in a garage every Sunday, that would not make you a CAR! ;-)