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If Kavanaugh doesn't step down, will the Dems IMPEACH him when they win the midterms?


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Nahh.. They'll LAY DOWN

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The Democrat Party has become the Feminist Socialist Party. They would try to impeach anyone or anything that did not completely tow their political correct No Restriction abortion extremism.

Tell me, what kind of voter would elect a bunch of puppets completely controlled by Feminist pro abortion groups? You?

I myself would want to vote for a person who has the core values to see past the extremist groups, and lead by simple common sense humanity. If he understands simple humanity, he would never divide our nation as these Democrats are constantly trying to do.

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If Kavanaugh doesn't step down, will the Dems IMPEACH him when they win the midterms?

Nope. The dems from red areas would all lose their jobs.

Democrats never learn. They make a rule or set a precedent that they like today, then cry when it burns them later.

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Impeachment is for breaking the law DURING one's term, or SUBSEQUENT to conviction in a court of law for a crime committed prior to taking office. That has no application in this instance, as Kavanaugh has not been convicted of any crime.

Moreover, the indications are that there is neither physical evidence nor any corroborating account to support any of the accusations. Unless some is found (or invented) I do not see Kavanaugh being indicted, much less convicted on the basis of unsupported accusations.

This leaves impeachment as a non-starter for the time being.

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