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 If Liberal fake news were Pro life, those on Left would be screaming tolerance for Babies! (1)

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If Liberal fake news were Pro life, those on Left would be screaming tolerance for Babies!

If the Liberal biased fake news networks became Pro Life, the brainwashed Democrat voters would soon be activists for our innocent unborn babies.

We would hear non stop preaching about the hate filled supporters of abortion. They would be called the usual Racists, Nazi's, cradle robbers, etc. etc.

The exact same pro abortion people on this debate site would be screaming of the depravity of abortion. You are like good little puppets who lack the most basic morality of discerning right from wrong, allowing the powerful Liberal media to shape your opinions.

These are the Millennial's, so easily swayed by Liberal Professors and fake news, who support the inhumanity of No Restriction abortions. They don't know what to believe until the likes of MSNBC and CNN tells them.

With every Liberal on this debate site, you are like puppets repeating the same Left wing rhetoric spewed over fake news each day.

You won't even take a stand when the Democrat Party tries to force all public schools to allow dysfunctional boys, who think they are girls, into our daughter's sports.

Even when you know it to be twisted and an assault on our freedoms, you STILL SAY NOTHING while the Democrat Party is taken over by Left wing extremists.

You say you can be a good moral person without God? Prove it! Stop electing these radical Democrats supporting No Restriction abortions, and cow towing to their activist Feminist & LGBT base. These radicals even support killing our Special Need's babies!

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This is how a nation of people allow themselves to be ruled by dictators. You have no moral foundation to live by, so you allow those in power to tell you how to think.