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If Mars is our only hope for humanity, will things still be the same?

If earth was eaten by the sun, and lets say we evacuate to mars, do you think our future lives will be the same? I will wait for your answer :)


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Hiello! Just answering nope cause im bored and stuff.

No because we might be forced to live in a dome, meaning we are isolated.

It will suck if that happened, but most of us won't be around that time!

First of all, we are limited of space. Second, we might have to submit to eating plants, cause, who knows if there are animals there, unless we farm them. And third, Mars is almost unknown. We might not know if we can make water. But it all depends on the technology, but we might just shrivel up and die.

This is my reason.

Edit: We might have to bring EVERY SINGLE animal cause the food chain is very important, and for food, sadly :(

No animal abuse btw! >:(

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#MartianLivesMatter .

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Let's consider this;- Mars appears to be a barren, lifeless waste land without any ''existing'' lifeforms.

It is therefore reasonable to assume that humans have already been there and did to that world what we're doing here on planet Earth.

Indeed, it would also be fair to say that we are probably the descendants of the planet-destroying hordes that devastated Mars.


Want to know what the economic, infrastructure and industrial landscape is going to look like after another 3 years of President Poopy Pants & his puppet masters?;- Have a look at some photographs of Mars.

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If the situation is for a future event thousands of years from now, then Venus will be the best option because Venus is a new planet. Venus will produce water and after cooling off it might become like planet earth in its beginning forming life. On the other hand, Mars is what our planet will become to be. It will be unreasonable trying to live in a dead planet like Mars.

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