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If Obama Was A White Man He'd Be Less Controversial

If Obama spelled his name O'Bama and was a white man with blond hair and blue eyes, a lot less people would have a problem with him. Obama... Hussein... Muslim.... Kenyan.... Black.



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If Barrack Obama was a white man he wouldn't be in office right now. Everyone voted for him because he was black without regards for being educated on what he actually believed.

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Bigots look for excuses to hate. The many undue excuses to hate Obama is evidence of bigotry pretending that they have valid points against him when in reality they are pretending that they really are that dumb as an excuse to just hate him because he's black. It's not the only reason why his actions are considered "controversial" but it is a significant reason.

Case and point, calling him socialist. Conservative idiots try to make a big deal about him resembling Communist views because they've never been taught about McCartheism in recent US history. And yet, when he actually does something that a ruthless dictator would do, remove habeas corpus, they're complaints run silent.

Not because it doesn't fit with their argument but because the republican puppet masters from above wanted Obama to remove habeas corpus, and they arranged with conservative media to not make that particular subject a talking point.

Would the majority of Obama hating individuals have even the slightest desire to draw the connection when they are informed of this fact? Nope. Cause their only focus is the insult is that someone they have been taught to hate is leading the country.

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Well, he is half white... and guess what? I don't like that half either so I say no.

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Seems very logical and black and white when you put it that way:)

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Whether it's Barack Hussein Obama or Barry O'Bama, Socialism sucks no matter how you spell it, or what color it comes in.

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