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If Satan punishes bad people, doesn't that make him a good guy?


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And God putting good people like Gandhi in hell would make him a.....

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Go Satan!


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Don't believe the corporate descending elevator in a box. Unless your question was just about to free fall, and they were hot on his trail so he had to invent you as you touch/hold its no longer in his death confirmed. in which case people can still win in which case both you and Herbert are experiencing zero gravity math and install a new move where everything implies equally!

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Satan does far more than just punish people.

He also rewards them!

With power and fame and whatever they so desire, in this corporeal material world we live in.

All he asks?

Our souls.

Which is a pretty good deal really, when ya think about it.

Since when he bargains with us for our souls, it only means they belong to him in the Afterlife, in Hades.

It does NOT necessarily equate to Eternal Damnation or Punishment.

Hades is actually a fun place.

Debauchery, Hedonism, Indulged Vices, Group Sex with cute little fallen angel girls. Dirty Pixies.

They let yo do whatever you want to them. It's awesome.

Satan is given a bad rap--a false rap, by Christians.

Propagated by the Church. For power. To scare them.

Cuz..if the truth was out, Many folks would prefer Satan and Hades over the lame, impotent, petty, jealous, murderous Yahweh.

You have been sold a bill of goods, people!

I first met Satan at a Black Mass in Arizona about seven years ago, with my ex-wife. Who was a member of the CoS.

Well, not Satan exactly. One of His Minions. Two of them, actually.

For selling my soul I got all I wanted!

The ability to play college hockey; an intellect that allows me to obtain a PhD. A gorgeous woman; all the money I need in an offshore account in the Caymans.

And best....Eternal Life with the Glorious Lucifer upon my demise in this physical world.

Which, BTW, is run by Him anyway.

Another thing the Church does NOT want you to know.

I will speak no more of this matter.

And you are of course to take it in any fashion you desire. To believe me or not. It matters little to me.

I am just trying to enlighten some of you who have been deluded by the Church. you bible.

Yahweh murdered millions more than Satan. Including women and children. Innocents.

Who's the Bad Guy?

Think about it.

Use your brain.

Which is another thing the Church does not want you to do.



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Hell is not a "punishment". Heaven really isn't even an award. From a Christian narrative, nothing is being "forced" upon you.

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Come on sticky you can do better than that you didn't really answer so try again or be banned

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Stickers(1037) Disputed
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I believe that I answered the question, but I'll go further. I chose this side for a reason, didn't I?

Assuming that he was "punishing" bad people, bad people needed to punished, and that the punishment were to fit the bill, that fundamentally would not make him good. The premise that Satan is "punishing" is flawed. Satan wouldn't give a damn if hell were tit for tat.

Luke 18:19

“Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good—except God alone.

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According to Christianity, Satan isn't the one actually doing the punishing. He is just another prisoner.

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