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They are Alinskyites And don't believe it
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If Socialist professors believed their own propaganda, wouldn't they teach 4 fre

They are Alinskyites

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And don't believe it

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If Socialist professors believed their own oropaganda, wouldn't they teach 4 free?

Hello H:

Yeah... I've read stupid shit like that before from right wingers.. You know, like if Al Gore BELIEVED in climate change, he'd live in a yurt.

Truly, it's unbelievably ignorant..


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DanBongino(111) Disputed
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So Elizabeth Warren crying about student debt, while charging $400,000 to teach one college class, and me pointing it out is stupid? Face palm.

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excon(13455) Disputed
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me pointing it out is stupid?

Hello Dan:

Ohhh.. You were talking about Elizabeth Warren.. She's NOT a socialist.. Dude! You have to learn the language if you wanna debate.

So, that makes you stupid TWICE..


PS> You DO believe that if Al Gore wants to be taken seriously, he should ride a bike when he wants to travel, don't you???

That would make you stupid THREE times..

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How could they LIVE in an extremely expensive capitalist country and "teach 4 free"?? Most of them ARE trying to get the cost down, at least!

I don't know if any of them believe in "oropoganda" or not but they STILL have to pay for their capitalistically expensive "Doctorates", so, no, They couldn't afford to "teach 4 free".....even spelling. ;-)

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