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Trump is actually DISTURBED Trump can do no wrong
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If Trump is BUILDING the wall, why did he shut down the government?

Trump is actually DISTURBED

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Trump can do no wrong

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Shutting down the govt. comes right from the repub playbook. Repubs and the right know that very often do not get the votes and hell has no furry like a repub scorned. See Clintons.

So all the right has without the votes, is to use whatever house they can to shutdown the govt. as a means of extortion.

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FrogofLondon(36) Disputed
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Democrats are notorious for shutting down the government to ram through their pet projects. STFU.

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To prove liberals are lying hypocrites who will allow people to go months or years without getting paid to block a wall they once endorsed and for more money.

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From my understanding, he shut down the government so that he could build the wall more quickly.

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