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If Trump survives COVID and wins the election - will he be declared victorious

Yeah, why not?

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Wait..., what? No!

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I don't know what his score is but the Democrats are batting zero so far ;)

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If Trump survives COVID and wins the election - will he be declared victorious

Hello joe:

Of course he's victorious.. That's how our system works.. But, if he dies before he's inaugurated, he'll be declared dead.

Truth is, I have no idea what would happen then. Certainly, Pence would be sworn in for the time being, but he DIDN'T win the presidency, so I don't think he can be inaugurated. Being sworn in, and being inaugurated aren't the same thing.

Certainly, it won't be Biden cause he didn't win either.. Maybe it'll be the 3rd in the line of succession, President Pelosi.

Grab some popcorn. This is gonna get good.


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Never a dull moment ;)

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oh man what a throwback

The minimum argument length is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

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How long have you been gone ;)

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The more things change, the more they stay the same ;)

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