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 If Trump were a Saint, the Left would still crucify him. His guilt is being Conservative. (17)

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If Trump were a Saint, the Left would still crucify him. His guilt is being Conservative.

The Democrat Party and Liberal media need no evidence or proof of some perceived broken law to crucify Trump.

They are insecure vindictive, hypocritical, bigoted, arrogant control fanatics who must silence any diversity of thought, if that thought happens to be Conservative. One tenent of Conservatism is personal responsibility and accountability for one's choices in life. The Left hates any notion of such thought.

They are not bound by the most basic moral values of honesty and integrity. These values mean nothing to them.

This is why they are trying so hard to censor any religious expression on public land whie having no problem with the displaying of Trump's bloodied severed head on our PUBLIC COLLEGE WALLS!

They hate even saying the words MORAL VALUES. The notion of Moral values goes against their anything goes amoral culture. They refuse to say words that are at odds with their politics such as "Islamic Terrorism", "Moral values", "personal responsibility", "accountability", "privilege", etc.

This is why Liberals love the ideology of no fault Socialism. No matter how immoral, no matter how irresponsible, no matter how many laws you break, to the Left you are entitled to the money of those pesky hard working responsible people.

Progressives hate admitting that success is most times a result of hard work and responsible choices in life, because this would suggest there are consequences for the irresponsible immoral choices we make in life.

When we look at the broken homes, Liberals do not want you thinking it is the result of selfish immoral lifestyles. NO, they want you to believe it is the rich mans's fault for these broken families.

It truly comes down to an ideology that hate's any notion of benefits derived from living moral responsible lives. That would suggest consequences for our choices. The Left wants no part of personal responsibility for our actions. They are too insecure to admit blame or fault for the quality of their lives. It's always someone else fault for their quality of life.

They want a one world Government that doles out the money from the successful, to divy it up amongst all people no matter how they choose to live.

The Right believes that we will always need safety nets for those who cannot help themselves, but for able bodied people, you do not get a free ride in life. You must work for what is given to you, and if you are truly doing your best to find ANY work, then we will help you with the most basic of food and shelter.

This knowledge of benefits derived from hard work, moral values and accountability, was once the bedrock of our nation's conscience. Progressives have destroyed our nation's work ethic.
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Now FromWithin is calling Trump a Saint. This is why he gets insulted and proof that things aren't getting better. This is exactly what he accused Democrats of doing with Obama. Making him a Saint when he didn't do anything to deserve it.

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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SouthPark you have to learn to read ! Moonbeam has gotten to you !

If Trump were a Saint, the Left would still crucify him. His guilt is being Conservative.

"Now FromWithin is calling Trump a Saint" Reading comprehension is a hard task for you Leftist !

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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Are you having a tough time at home? No one giving you any attention so you come here?

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If "being a saint" means lowest unemployment in ten years, records set in the stock market, a pro business environment, and no Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil, then he is. If it means he uses liberal language (chuckle), then you'd think the left would still label him a saint. Having a potty mouth used to be a liberal ideal until it wasn't politically expedient.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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What a shock. A Christian not understanding what it means to be a saint. Why is it that your position always depends on it being what liberals do? How can you keep doing the things liberals do and not call yourself a liberal?

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Hello From:

Trump is a Muslim.. He touched the Islamist Terrorist Orb.. You saw him, didn't you??? He even BOWED to the Saudi king.


Antrim(1297) Disputed
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Following Saudi Royal protocol has resulted in the securing of a $120 billion trade deal and investment which will culminate in 100s of 1000s of American jobs.

President Trump's outstanding achievement is the envy of the world and he should be extolled for ''shaking hands with the (''fill in the blank yourself',) in order to obtain a great deal for America and it's people.

Every so called controversial decision Donald Trump has made has been his all-American approach to fulfilling his role as President.

It seems that it is of little significance in the eyes of the prejudged what this great patriot accomplishes and they will continue to bellow their biased and subjective criticisms.

This President has put the rest of the world on notice that the days of making a monkey out of the United States are well and truly over and they are all squawking like frightened hens locked in a chicken coop with a hungry fox.

Truth-Out(18) Disputed
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A few years ago Trump said that Saudi Arabia "was behind 9/11".

Last summer, a message was posted to Trump's Facebook page that said Saudi Arabia wants “women as slaves and to kill gays.” Later, during a presidential debate, Trump suggested that the Saudis were “people that push gays off buildings” and “kill women and treat women horribly.”

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Then liberals should love him. They love people raised up in cultures that hate America.

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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What's up FRAUD produce the information that Trump is a Muslim then take that knowledge to Congress !

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I had actually hoped that he would be a good President. So far, he's done very little good to make up for all of the crap he's doing. If he's draining the swamp he's simply replacing the water with sewage.

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Trump never HAS been a conservative. He's just playing a part in a reality show! He was a liberal, He was against Bush's wars, He was a climate change believer, a SS believer, a Medicare believer, a Hillary believer, until somebody handed him a new script! His ratings went up when he got radical ... that's what counts to him, Screw making America ACTUALLY great again! The line ups his ratings .... that's what's important! You are right .... his guilt IS being [er.....ACTING] a conservative ... for now!