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 If We Had Republicans Back In 1776... (8)

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If We Had Republicans Back In 1776...

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& don't forget guys, Britain, which is much more liberal than America, still has a monarchy.

OmegaPan(703) Banned
5 points

In other words, without Republicans, America kicked Natives off their land & imported slaves.

Oceaneer(13) Disputed
1 point

In other words

Yeah, I've noticed Republicans never seem to be much good at attacking your ACTUAL words. They always seem to change them first.

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Let me get this straight. Liberals, who love the British & love taxes, and are anti gun, fought to get rid of the British & having to pay taxes with water pistols.

Oceaneer(13) Disputed
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Liberals, who love the British & love taxes

Liberals love taxes? LOL. Banned.

MontysPython(490) Disputed Banned
7 points

Liberals love taxes?

Of course. How else did you plan on paying for all those social programs?

The libs went berserk at Trump's tax cuts.

Pretty good thing we had all of those tax hating, gun toting, religious people back then to repel the redcoats.

The libs would have tried to be multicultural with them & preached tollerance & gun free zones. & then the Brits would have entered America's safe space & started killing anyone who didn't submit. The gays would have been killed 1st.

The Declaration of independence insured that all those under its independence in a United State are, and will remain Republican. The lie is it was ever a choice to begging with that a person could just make. It is a United State held public by Constitutional union which describes a Nation, it really has little impact on the person one way or the other they just become defiant in understanding it is a necessity in the right to vote.

The reality is a person would need to prove they are not a republican, and in doing so the person would be giving up there citizen ship. Which is kind of an irony as it is our inalienable right to register to vote which dictates the joining of the republic.