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 If YOU could choose the first female President of the US who would be your choice? (21)

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If YOU could choose the first female President of the US who would be your choice?


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The one with the biggest boobs. ;)

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LMAO! But of course...what else could possibly matter. In the future all male candidates should have to drop their pants...I'll bring a ruler. ~)

If this is the criteria, then Sarah Palin. Those other women can keep their shirt on.

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It may be all the criteria considered by some. Chauvinism is alive and well.

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So then, Dog The Bounty Hunter's wife?

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Me! Lol ;)

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Too're not old enough.

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Oh.... yeah.... ;_;

TheThinker(1712) Disputed
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The concept of becoming president does not depend with age.


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Now remember, according to Joe you must include your bust size at the beginning of every campaign speech. Men, what ya gonna do! ~)

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First of all DarleneJ, on a personal note, you're a pretty woman.

Compliments aside, my initial response to this would be that I hope people would base their decision on the candidates ideals rather than their gender, race, or place they were born. We don't have any choice in these things and no way to change them, and by restricting a decision based on these factors we are not being logical.

If the OP was reworded to "If we HAD to choose a female president, who would it be?" than I don't have a specific answer to that, but my choice most likely wouldn’t be anyone currently involved in politics.

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Thank you for the compliment. ~)

I am interested in who people may consider a serious female candidate for the office of President. After the conduct of the media during the 2008 campaign in regards to first Clinton and then Palin...I believe, unfortunately, many still do not consider a female seriously as a leader.

Coldfire(1014) Disputed
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Respectfully, I should point out that a nation’s decision to not elect said candidates may not be based on a belief that a woman is not ready to lead the country. There may be many explanations to the basis of why they were not elected, difference in ideals to the individual voters and media manipulation to name a few.

I will not rule out the notion that there is a sexist bias by some people, but as for it being a major cause, it’s doubtful to me.

Also, even if the candidates you mentioned were considered to be inadequate leaders, that doesn’t mean it’s based on their gender. They may in fact not show any evidence of good leadership skills.

sarah palin she has set up alternative energy in alaska and made it more energy independent

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Despite my professional hate for you when it comes to debating, I miss you somewhat and the last 7 days have been oh so boring ;)

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None of the above. I don't really like any of these candidates.

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I choose one of the female writers/editors of Reason Magazine. They seem to be the only women who know what they're talking about.

If I had to choose a woman from the list, though, it would either be Elizabeth Cheney or Hillary Clinton.

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Hillary Clinton because she has the political experience from being Secretary of State.

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