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If You Are Old Enough To Serve Your Country You Should Be Able To Have An Alcoholic Drink


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no, leave the law alone

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If you're old enough to drink alcohol (legally or otherwise) you should be old enough to serve your country.

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I was going to say this is silly, but now that I think about it, a teenager would be way safer in the army than they would be drinking cheap whiskey at a house party.

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yes, it could be tweeked with some sort of I.D. and in depth restrictions, but the concept is definitely there...

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no no no, i dont think you understand. its either the age to serve your country restrictions go up or the alcohol for legal consumption age should go down, so there would be no need in "tweeking" I.D.

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SLarnott(47) Disputed
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no no no i don't think You understand, i guess i coulda worded it better, but yes; tweeking would be necessary, because some of the people who do Not serve our country would drink irresponsibly. idk just a consideration so have some sort of label that is the O.K. to order a beer...

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Yeah, the drinking age in America is pure bullshit.

The government can trust 18 year olds to drive, get a job, have sex, vote for public officials, serve in the armed forces, go to college, and live on their own but they for some reason cannot trust them to have an alcoholic beverage.

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