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 If You Could Have Dinner With One Celebrity, Who Would It Be? (7)

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If You Could Have Dinner With One Celebrity, Who Would It Be?

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Clint Eastwood. He would be such an interesting guy to talk to.

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Tomoe Gozen- she was a samurai warrior in the 12th to 13th centuries.

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Serj Tankian or Zack De La Rocha, due to their interesting political/social views and their fantastic music. Also, maybe Daron Malakian.

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Mohammed Hossein Fahmideh the 14 year old iranian kid who fought in the iraq-iran war who actually sacrificed himself to disable a tank and stop the iraqi advance and he is also the national hero of iran. as we eating waffles I'll ask him ... Dude what were you doing in war with grenades instead u should have been building lego monsters or finding food for your pet frog or something... Lol kidding I would shake his hand and say you are one brave kid rambo could learn a few things from you

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Sarah Palin. I disagree with some of her beliefs, but I trust, respect, and like her. :)

I don't know because when I find out about one other seems interesting.

I would like to have dinner with Julianne Moore because she is my favorite actress.