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 If You Knew Then What You Know Now? (8)

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If You Knew Then What You Know Now?

Give me a list of some life lessons or life truths you wish you knew back then that you know now.  What would some of them be??
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Oh shit! If I could go back to when I was just 5 years old but know everything I do know, I'd be a godamn child prodigy son!

Aah, but if you're interested,I'd tell myself to learn German not Japanese. And to stay clear of that girl Abi, her bedroom smelled of agony.

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Ya know, if you write "haha !" With a whole bunch of spaces between the "haha" and the "!" then it'll cheat it. Allow me to demonstrate

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1) Dump my ex much sooner

2) Major in something with demand in every state and even the smallest towns. My education and career are fine but keep me in major cities.

3) Have kids in my 30's, not my 40's. It's hard on back and knees.

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thanks for the replies..........very interesting choices!


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Nothing really, it's a scary thought thinking that this life wouldn't be my life if one thing was different. I went through some low points for a reason, and I'm hard-headed, I promise that my struggle was the only way I would know. Not just being told.

logicaljoe(529) Clarified
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Very interesting points, but you raise something tricky. Because you would actually know then what you know now, by changing your decision in the past wouldn't actually rob you of your experience that made you who are you today because you would still KNOW it back then. Does that make sense?

So you would still retain the life lessons you gained but now going back, you'd be able to make life a lot more pleasant or successful while retaining the lessons/experiences of the first time around.

Saurbaby(5579) Clarified
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My life still wouldn't be what it is now though. For all I know, knowing what I know now could have completely changed the course of my life. I may have thought that the other choice I could have chosen would have been better, when in reality the one I picked was actually the better option. I only know the one outcome still, knowing what I know.

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Some things I would do/change:

-I would have been a lot less shy and timid around girls. There was no reason why not to talk to or pursue any girl I liked back then for fear of things that weren't really real...of course I didn't know that back then but I know it now.

-I would have pursued skills and training in any of: website, internet marketing (IM), computer programming/apps, audio/video content creation, or just music!

-I would have liked to take things a lot less seriously and not be such an emotional rollercoaster.....we stress about a lot of things that don't ever really matter in the long-run so I wish I didn't waste so much energy and time stressing over those petty things lol