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If You Lie About Everything, Including What A Nazi Is, Are You A Nazi?

Must Be

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Must Be you are a FLAMING IDIOT but what should be your concern at this point is what the price of your PETRO is going to be as the MONARCHY lives in the LAP OF LUXURY and you MINIONS struggle to pay for that soon to come HIGH PRICE PETRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you hate Jews, yes, you are a Nazi by definition. Of course you say Zionist repeatedly like a Hitlerian psychopath, which is your tell.

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If you hate Jews, yes

So you admit you hate Jews?

you are a Nazi by definition.

Opposite of true. See:-

The term is often used to describe Nazism, neo-Nazism, fascism

As you are fully aware I am on the far left, who were the mortal enemies of the Nazis. You on the other hand are on the far right.

Hence, opposite of true. Like pretty much everything you ever write.

In fact, not pretty much. Exactly like everything you ever write. Your posts are the actual textbook definition of Nazi propaganda.

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