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 If a German knew Hitler was gassing Jews, and then voted to keep Hitler in power..... (41)

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If a German knew Hitler was gassing Jews, and then voted to keep Hitler in power.....

Would a German, after knowing how Hitler was gassing Jews, be responsible for Jews dying if he voted to keep Hitler in power?

Would you excuse this German when he said he was not a one issue voter?

If that same German said he would not personally kill a Jewish person, but would vote for Hitler who will keep the holocaust going, would you excuse that person of any accountability for the millions of Jews gassed?

Look in the mirror you people who vote for this No Restriction Abortion Democrat Party. You can deny your culpability in these viable baby's deaths till you are blue in the face.... intelligent people know your inhumanity when you vote for the very people keeping it legal.

To deny your culpability in this inhumanity, is to make debating you a total waste of time.
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I realize that Progressives believe in a no fault ideology, so therefore if you are supporting the rights of killers to continue their killing ways, you are not an accomplice?

Is this just one more example of fake news, fake reality, fake accountability, fake compassion, fake humanity?

Atrag(5553) Banned
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It is one thing to say that a foetuses life is valuable it is another to say that they are equal to a born human being. They are not. Nor do you believe they are. Likening them to the suffering of the Jews is disgusting.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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What's disgusting is selfish immoral inhuman people trying to excuse the inexcusable by insulting the people fighting for our most innocent lives.

To say an unborn baby a few weeks from birth is any less human then after traveling down the birth canal makes you and the Democrat Party fools!

I will bet there were Germans who like you insulted other Germans for fighting for the right of life of Jewish people. They would have said it is disgusting you are not supporting the right of our commander and cheif to keep Germany safe from Jewish influence. They would say we no longer want to go down back allies to kill Jews. We want to kill them in Gassing clinics. It is safer for the killers that way.

Atrag(5553) Disputed Banned
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To say an unborn baby a few weeks from birth is any less human then after traveling down the birth canal makes you and the Democrat Party fools!

Yes of course it is.

1) Even after it is born there are laws that make a baby killing a baby a less serious crime. Look up laws on infanticide.

2) Socially, the negative of someone dying is the sorrow it causes the loved ones. The more loved ones that are hurt the greater we perceive the immorality to be. When a feotus is aborted it actually makes others happier.

3) The Jews were not just killed. They were tortured beforehand. If Hilter could have clicked his fingers and all the jews and any memory of the jews would just disappear, then it would have a far less immoral act.

outlaw60(15500) Clarified
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Arag the Nazis were good people don't you think ? Hitler killed Jews that is just fact !

Atrag(5553) Disputed Banned
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$username $badthingarray($x) were good people don't you think ? $badthingarray($x)("leader") $badthingarray("event") that is just fact !

I think you need to review this bots code? It has nothing to do with what I was saying. A incorrect handle perhaps?

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. if he voted for hitler it would make him guilty too ... because hitler was one of the most misogynistic assholes of humanity......... the german is to blame ........ but if he had integrity he would oppose him even if he had no power.... he has blood on his hands

Thank you for the obvious answer. It is common sense to non deceptive people, but for Liberals, they will never admit this common sense. They will do cartwheels trying to deny the obvious because this analogy hits home when they choose to knowingly support and vote for this extreme Democrat Party that keeps no restriction abortions of viable babies, for any reason up to birth, legal.

People who vote pro choice don't think a fetus is the equivalent of a baby. If you want to actually make a difference in their opinions, present your argument as to why life starts at conception. THAT is what will actually convince people that your argument here is valid, if you have a valid argument.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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Doctors have already said that life begins at conceptions. You have heard it all and it matters not.

You have sold your souls for convienence and personal pleasure.

Spare me any ludicrous excuses how it is pro life people who must present better arguments to the obvious.

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Doctors have already said that life begins at conceptions. You have heard it all and it matters not.

What doctors? And far more importantly, under what reasoning? Are you saying that if a doctor told you that life didn't begin at conception, you would change your mind?

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But it's not just what doctors say, because they all have different opinions. It's what the mother thinks, because she is in control of her own body. When people are arguing about abortion it makes it so much harder on the potential mother.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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Who ever said a woman was not in control of her own body? We are not talking about what se can do with HER body.

We are talking about the other body inside her.... the baby!

She should not have any control over the baby's body unless the baby would cause the mother's death, in which case it would have to be looked at as self defense.

This is not rocket science and it truly is pathetic how pro choice people will do sommersauts trying to excuse the inexcusable.

mrcatsam(653) Disputed
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No need to get defensive, I was just arguing. This is a debate forum after all.

mrcatsam(653) Disputed
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" She shouldn't have any control over the baby's body unless the baby would cause the mothers death."

Oh yeah, so it's not like she's the baby's MOTHER or anything! Babies are special golden little creatures, but don't think that these types of decisions are made by just saying " Oh guess what I'm gonna kill my baby because I feel like it." This is a very hard decision made by the family. Believe me, no one wants to kill a baby, but what if the mother was raped? Do you think that's fair? I get that maybe the baby will be president some day, but there is a chance that the baby won't survive childbirth. Focus on the living, rather than the theoretically living.

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Depends on what you define as "responsible". If a German citizen's life was at stake (under threat from Hitler's government) and he was forced to vote, then no he should not be held responsible.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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First of all you must being able to read the written word as it was written.

The point of the debate is OBVIOUS so for the sake of excusing the inexcusable, take it for granted we are not talking about a German whose life was threatened to vote a certain way. He purposely voted for Hitler even though he knew Hitler was gassing Jews. He said he was not a one issue voter.

We are talking about a hypothetical situation to explain the laughable excuses of pro choice people for voting for the No Restriction abortion Democrat Party.

So tell me, do you think Germans are partly to blame for Jews being killed if they voted to keep Hitler in power? If the opposing Party to Hitler won, the gassing would stop.

Let me answer for you....... YES, of course any person who supports inhumanity towards innocent people is responsible, accountable, culpable and is an accomplice to the inhumanity.

Democrats who claim to be against no restriction abortion of viable babies for any reason up to birth can scream to the day they die of how they are not one issue voters.


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Well, if that happens, the German in this scenario would be considered guilty.

However, the same cannot be said for abortion, only in some very specific cases, like if the baby was going to die and kill the mother anyway.

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I see a lot of Great Points Here.

Did You know that in 1941 Albert Einstein Said that

A doctrine which is able to maintain itself not in clear light but only in the dark, will of necessity lose its effect on mankind, with incalculable harm to human progress.....

ALBERT GOES ON TO SAY THAT WE MUST " give up that source of fear and hope which in the past placed such vast power in the HANDS OF PRIESTS.

We also Know that When Albert Einstein Left NAZI Germany in 1933 - He was visiting the United States when Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 and Albert Einstein did not go back to Germany., where he had been a professor at the Berlin Academy of Sciences.

Albert Einstein settled in the United States, becoming an American citizen in 1940.,

In Germany Every Priest And Bishop were becoming Fully Active Government Agents of the German Government.

Placing their Hands on the Bible and Swearing to God Almighty and Upon the Gospels - COMPLETE, total Loyalty to the Nazi Party and to Adolf Hitler.

This is Every Priests and Bishops Goal, Around the World - To become a Official Government Agent. - In Charge and to Reach the height of being the SOCIALIST - As a Supreme Social Worker and Controller of the Citizens; BANKING and Controlling the SOCIAL SERVICES. To Undermine the Working Class of NON CATHOLICS.

The Vatican is Working Day And Night - To become the One in CHAGE - Who Collects all the Donations. taxes and Charities And Chooses who will receive the Money. This is Why Majority of Catholics - AWAYS - ALWAYS Vote For Socialist Governments. Around the World - Especially Here In The USA.

The Prison System, The FBI, The CIA and Social Government Services is where The Catholic Church Pours all their Money in.

All the Money that the Catholic Church Rakes and Skims and Subsidizes, Rakes and Shaves off the Top - UNTILL they gain Control of everything they can, THROUGH Government Programs - at taX Payer eXpense.

. They Pour and Dump Everything they Can - Of their Left Overs. And it is All Classified because it is Government Agencies.

Catholic Social Services - Put their Assets and Properties and Stocks and Monies Back into the Government System - Around the World. Creating and LIVING, Growing and Maintaining { MAKING A LIVING :} on the FLOW of Money Flowing Down to The Masses of Poor.

Who the Working Class - Pay the Entire Bill In Taxes.

This is All OK,.. Nothing Wrong with it. But Albert Einstein was saying that The Priesthood - Could not to maintain itself not in clear light but only in the dark, and did of necessity lose its effect on mankind, with incalculable harm to human progress.....

ALBERT GOES ON TO SAY THAT WE MUST " give up that source of fear and hope which in the past placed such vast power in the HANDS OF PRIESTS.

I see no Need To Over glorify The Passing out of The Working Classes Hard Earned Money. It is a Good Thing to Do. But The Catholic Church Is Just another Social Service.

With the Capability To Cause Great harm to People Who Are NOT A Part of the Social Government Catholic System. they always choose War and Murder instead of Loosing their Economic and Religious War against Bible believers and Jews. Albert Einstein was right.

Please Visit My website. CLICK HERE

Supporting Evidence: Please Click Here. (
FromWithin(8266) Clarified
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I don't think Hitler was a result of the Catholic Church. I'm Protestant so It is very frustating when people calling themselves Christians vote for a Democrat Party even though it keeps no restriction abortions of viable babies for any reason up to birth, legal.

If the majority of Catholics vote for Democrats, then I have no respect for them and would question their allegiance. You can't claim to follow God, and then support killing the babies God says he knows in the womb.

Catholics have always been prolife but for the ones who vote for Democrats, they are phonies.

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I see Your point.

I somewhat agree with You . Just Hitler ALONE being Raised in a Catholic School - Saint Benedict's Monastery } And Professing His Faith in God and Church did not Cause all of the Atrocities committed by Both Catholics, Protestant Christians and by Atheist's alike.

But I think it was a Combination of Protestantism and Catholicism that had never resolved its indifference's with the Old testament Facts of reality and with Jews being so different from The catholic / protestant outlook.

The Whole European world fell into the Same old Catholic routine of Blaming the Jews for every single problem that they had. Finances, Religion, Loyalty issues, and immigration and even diseases and germs.

My Website goes into all this INFO. You may find it interesting.


FromWithin(8266) Clarified
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If you are trying to blame Christianity for atrosities from the past, please spare me.

I live in the here and now, and see for myself that the vast majority of Christian Churches help the poor and teach moral responsibility to love and forgive even our enemies.

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Yes there are a lot of good, dedicated, caring Christian People who want to do Good to Others.

But know that - When the Picking is easy and the Supplies are Plentiful. And the road is smooth. The Majority of The So Called Christian World is Eager, Happy and Fanatical - in Passing out the Donations and Charities.

Handing, Flinging and dumping out the Offerings and Gifts and throwing around Other Peoples Monies.

Tax Breaks, Free Credits. Free Buildings and Tons of Free stuff come along, When Christians take the money can, Pass it through the city and Re Distribute the Money to others who are so called, Poor.

This is good social services. Social works.

When the Children can barely Speak English and have no Bible Knowledge concerning the Hebrew and Greek Manuscripts.

Then the Teachers line Up to the Door and out to the woodshed to show a little Black, Brown or Indian Child the basic Bible lessons.

but when the Child Learns what the Hebrew and Greek Manuscripts really say,

Suddenly the Christian teachers are ready to throw the Child with his insulting Bible, into the burning stove. And Bann the bible from being in schools. there are allot of people who like to do good while the going is good. But once the road becomes difficult and things are scarce and hard - THEN Things suddenly change.

We see things change and we see Why, How and When they change. the Catholics and Protestants in Germany and Italy - And Catholics in The United States loved to do social works. Serving the Poor, Passing out Others Hard Earned Money.

Who the Working Class - Pay the Entire Bill In Taxes.

It has become so bad that the Italian Government is demanding the Laws be Changed in Italy.

So that the Roman Catholic Church is to be required to pay taxes on Property, BUSINESS and industries in Italy, because they are taking advantage of the Congregation, Citizens and Devastating the Entire Economy.

This is All OK, Nothing Wrong with it. The Catholic Church will stop at Nothing to Maintain Control. But REMEMBER that Albert Einstein said that The Catholic Priesthood - Could not continue to maintain itself - in clear light but only in the dark, and did of necessity lose its effect on mankind, with incalculable harm to human progress.....

ALBERT GOES ON TO SAY THAT WE MUST " give up that source of fear and hope which in the past placed such vast power in the HANDS OF PRIESTS.

I see no Need To Over glorify The Passing out of The Working Classes Hard Earned Money. It is a Good Thing to Do. But The Catholic Church Is Just another Social Service.

With the Capability To Cause Great harm to People Who Are NOT A Part of the Social Government Catholic System.

they always choose War and Murder and Destruction of those who stand in their SOCIALISTIC GOVERNING POWER - instead of Loosing their Economic and Religious War against Bible believers and Jews. The Catholic and Muslim religions will take You to Battle and Destroy everything You have. Just to Keep Power. Albert Einstein was right.

but i agree with YOU in most part. i believe that American Christians have been wonderfull people and i am happy to be here with them and You.

Our ENEMIES are dead or being killed by our military. forgiving the Dead is all that we will ever have a chance to do.

It is either that *{ Forgive The Dead, after we kill and cripple them } or become destroyed and dead, ourselves.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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Total hogwash. The cost of property taxes not paid by Churches is a miniscule part of what we pay in taxes.

The reason the Churches pay no property taxes is because they are a non profit organization that helps others and by doing so saves the tax payers money when not having to support these poor people.

The Christian's faith is built on the new testament. I see all the good done by the Christian Church in America, and get sick of bigots trying to tear them down.

TeachMe2(48) Disputed
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The Reason The Catholic Church around The World is in the Charity Business is Because They Do Take Advantage of People. In order to Create an Image of Good For The poor.

Marco Catalano, a 35-year-old shopkeeper in Rome, told the New York Times That The Catholic Church owns the most beautiful buildings in downtown Rome, on Italian soil,

and They rent them out at market prices. They don’t give them for free or at low prices for charity.”

Click Here Please .

The Fact Is that Many, Many Italians do not pay tax because they are Catholic.

Also - In Italy - an estimated $160 billion in taxes going uncollected each year. Just The City Of Rome - Its economic situation on Italy has reached disastrous. Rome is currently nearing almost $13 billion in debt.

Click Here Please. pay-italian-taxes/

$13 billion in Debt. My Precious Friend. Perhaps - This is not Hogg Warsh. Catholics and Muslims Both are Religions that Take From Others to Pay for The Growth Of Their Religion Propaganda.

While Pretending To Help You. The best thing For Catholics would be for the Pope and the Vatican Crew to get up Every single Morning ( Early ) and get a Job and work. To Pay Their own Way, Earn Their own money and Then Donate their Own Earned Wages to Help the poor. instead of Getting paid to throw money at irresponsible people.

Who eXpect You and Me to Pay for their sexual Adventures. While Catholics Skim off the Top and Throw it all back INTO the Government Bank.

I know You are Totally Right. Christians Do Help People because they care.

Many Individual Catholics Pay out of their own Pockets, Their Own Hard Earned Money. because they Care.

Non Christians, Atheists, Hindu, Buddhism, Judaism and Satanism.

The Satanic Temple is changing the world.

“Soles for Satan” Fundraiser to Help Children Living in Poverty.

Many Different types of people have concern, care, sympathy and love for others.

But - I Honestly - I Do not believe that Catholics are Christians.

Christians - do not Teach that using Birth Control is Satanic, Evil and Damaging to Your Soul and Leading You to Hell

Pope Pius XI

Any use whatsoever of matrimony exercised in such a way that the act is deliberately frustrated in its natural power to generate life is an offense against the law of God and of nature, and those who indulge in such are branded with the guild of a grave sin. (Casti Connubii, #56)

aLSO - Pope Pius XII, in an address in October 29, 1951 declared that:

any attempt to use BIRTH CONTROL, IS AN intrinsically immoral act into a moral and lawful one.

Basically in a Summary - I am Simply saying also is that they Have had Thousands of Saints that they ALREADY CLAIM are in Heaven ( RIGHT NOW ) -Because they are Praying to Them. In Communion / In Spiritual Connective, Necromancy or Magic.

their Saints are already Judged and in Heaven Hearing and Receiving Prayers ./ Talking to God Himself..

So Basically what You are NOTICING is that Catholics have Already Decided and JUDGED their SOULS, AS Heaven Bound Souls ). They act as Judge and Jury )) and have Already Pre Judged People, before Judgment day. They have already had their Catholic Judgment day Here on Earth. Mortal MEN, SINNERS are Pre Judging Peoples Souls and Deciding Who is and Who is NOT Going to heaven.

Also Notice that - There are No NON CATHOLIC Saints. In 2000 years of Roman Catholicism, There has never been a single Non Catholic Saint. and There Will be NO NON Catholic saints.

Catholics do not Allow Non Catholics to Enter into Their HEAVEN.


St. Augustine, (quoted in 'Patrologiae Cursus Completus: Series Graca', by Fr. J. P. Migne, Paris: 1866, 42:207).

......................................... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Pope Eugenius I've, in 'Bull of Union with the Copts', Council of Florence, Session 11, on February 4, 1442..


MISGUIDED PEOPLE attempt TO PERSUADE themselves & others THAT MEN ARE NOT SAVED ONLY IN THE CATHOLIC RELIGION, but that even heretics may attain eternal life.'

Pope Gregory XVI, Summo Iugiter Studio (On Mixed Marriages), Encyclical promulgated on May 27, 1832, #2.



Tertullian: (Patrolo-giae Cursus Completus: Series Graca, Fr. J. P. Migne, Paris: 1866, 1:1216)

this is not Christianity it is simply lies - masquerading as Christians,

simply doing it.

( I Honestly Believe ) -

because deep inside - they Hate, Despise and are So, So Turned off By - The God Of The Bible. And By The Bible and They Totally Dislike Non Catholic Bible Believing Christians.

They Pretend in order to make mockery of It all, and to Control people and lead them away From God. This is What They love to do in their Hearts. Just Like Muslims. They Both Serve the Same eXact god. And they Admit it proudly.

1 point


I would like to remind You that Adolf Hitler was an EX Convict… and a criminal, charged and convicted of terrorism, violence and participation in trying to violently overthrow the old German Government .

Hitler served 2 years in Federal Prison and there He wrote a whole book CONDEMNING and damning and cursing the JEWS, declaring they should be persecuted & thrown out of society…

Hitler { in his book [ spoke harshly against the CURRENT religions `actions / of Rome & of Protestants ~as well. For being too good to the Jews. And for not… CONTINUING ON… to persecute them as viciously & forcefully .. As THE CATHOLIC CHURCH… HAD - been Persecuting & murdering the Jews for the last 2000 years.

THE POPE *& vatican SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH catholic HITLER demanding ALL GERMAN bishops SWEAR on the HOLY GOSPELS and To GOD - COMPLETE LOYALITY to The Nazi Party and Catholic HITLER.

read ART. 16 OF ….Hitler's Concordat with the Catholic Church (1933)


: Adoph Hitler said, "As for the Jews, I am just carrying on with the same policy which the Catholic church has adopted for fifteen hundred years, when it has regarded the Jews as dangerous and pushed them into ghettos etc., because it knew what the Jews were like. I don't put race above religion, but I do see the danger in the representatives of this race for Church and State, and perhaps I am doing Christianity a great service."

"The Nazi Persecution of the Churches" by J S Conway pages 25 ,26 , and 162

Italy~~~ did not have... ......OR PUT UP WITH ~~~~ the so called ( JEW PROBLEM ) that Germany and all the other SURROUNDING European Catholic Countries had...

WHERE the Jews had worked their way UP into the banking, press, books, entertainment, and other prominent businesses and were very, very conservative, wise, shrewd, reserved and were not lacking in anything, due to their polygamous biblical practices of working together and biblical family structure, as the bible commands...

The Jews in IN CATHOLIC ITALY { FOR THE LAST 2000 yrs.. } were already prohibited, censured, treated as lower class DOGS... accused as Jesus killers, evil an they, their lives, their ambition and skills and synagogue had been pushed out to the lower edges of town....THEY had been suppressed, beaten down and degraded....

( in other word....a JEWS in Catholic ITALY did not have much of a life or foothold in the realm of banking, press, books, entertainment, and other prominent businesses.

( THEREFORE Italians....../~~~\.....UNLIKE Catholic Germans Catholic Austrians, Catholic Polands-- did not have the / a JEW PROBLEM.

the Italians did not have the JEW PROBLEM.

1938 — In September, the Italian government passes The Racial Laws against the Jews, barring them from studying or teaching in a school of higher learning and revoking the citizenship of all foreign Jews obtained after January, 1919, and decreeing their expulsion within six months. On November, further discriminatory legislation will be passed, including the prohibition of marriages between Jews and Aryans and the exclusion of Jews from military and civil administrative positions.

1948 — The last edition of the papal "Index liborum prohibitorum" includes BANN on all Jewish publications.

3/1939, The GERMAN Catholic hierarchy asked Pius XII to petition the Brazilian government for 3,000 immigration visas TO ship German Catholic Jews to Brazil.

The visas ISSUED in 6/20/1939 were ONLY available to baptized Jews who could prove they were converted before 1933.

Only they could escape

Already Catholic Austria was deporting 60,000 Jews

In Croatia, 87.8%~ were Catholic in 1943 the Nazi roundups came ".AGAIN... Jews who had been baptized Catholic or were married to Catholics would not be harmed".

In Germany, at the beginning Catholics, Converted, Baptized Jews were under discussion to be shipped to a colony in Ethiopia.

In Romania, The Nazis were rounding up the Jews, Again 150,000 Roman Catholic converted were to be Shipped out to Spain. The Orthodox Church of Romania protested & prohibited The NAZI and imposing Roman Catholic Churches efforts and hand to by FORCE CONVERT & baptize Jews, & ONLY Catholic schools, were protected.

A "six-month period of their instruction and preparation, their conduct, interest, and desire to reform their lives according to Catholic principles were to be observed. ....If after all this, there were any doubts about their motivation.

Catholic, FACIST and PAPIST named Andrea Cassulo informed Pope Pius XII, that the motivations of converts were not solely religious,

and he wrote to Rome: "it is clear that human motives cannot be denied, but it is likewise true that Providence also uses human means to arrive at salvation"

Nationwide statistics on Jewish baptisms are unclear, but they certainly rose to the level that the ROMANIAN government became concerned.

In Bessarabia, 20% of the Jewish population, 40,000 Jews, were forced converted and baptized in the hope of escaping deportation and torture and death at the hands of Catholic Italy & Hitler

John Morley, an American Catholic historian declared Andrea Cassulo sincere in his belief that it was "God's plan" that the Holocaust increase the number of converts.

Overall, this Catholic Demonic Papist, Andrea Cassulo was "reluctant to intervene, except for the baptized Jews".

John Morley, an American Catholic historian argues that "his Jewish contemporaries have exaggerated, in those years of crisis, concerning his influence and efforts on their behalf"

Catholic intervention FROM the TOP is all an ~EXAGERATION AND PERVERTED SICKEND SCENE.

IN Slavia... 68.9%, Roman Catholic the Catholic Government government passed anti-Jewish legislation on 4/18/1939, defining any Catholic JEWS converted after 9/30/1918 as Jews.


As in Catholic Romania, "the Vatican diplomacy " was interested in protections pertaining to Catholic schools.

Jewish Catholics were being legislated in Vatican diplomacy, less they share in the fate of deportation.

[40] A letter from the Slovak Catholic bishops assured the Slovak government that these Jews had been sincere in their conversion and had made a "complete break with their Jewish background" AND THUS WOULD NOT BE DEPORTED, TORTURED, RAPED, BURNED & MURDERED for not BEING CATHOLIC.

Historian Susan Zuccotti's research in "{ Under His Very Windows: / The Vatican and the Holocaust" } in Italy demonstrates that the pope "did not give orders to the various Roman Catholic institutions of Rome to open their doors to the Jews

published works advance her argument that Pius XII neither ordered, nor was aware of the full extent, of the rescue of Jews by Catholics and Catholic institutions.

In fact, Zuccotti argues that Pius XII disapproved of the rescue efforts, as evidenced by a December 1943 letter from the Rector of Pontificio Seminario Romano Maggiore apologizing to Pius XII for accepting refugees, apparently having been previously reprimanded.

Historian Zuccotti also finds a February 1944 order BY THE PAPACY for the removal of JEWISH fugitives from Vatican properties inconsistence with the existence of a Papal directive to save Jews.

Historian Phayer agrees with this interpretation while arguing that in fact "the Vatican cooperated in a pretend rescue attempt", which he believes was initiated by the German diplomats of Rome in a Game / petitioning for funds for obtaining lists of names to those who agreed to help Jews.

Check out this History book..that DEALS WITH THE FACTS......that stamp out catholic newspaper JIVE / driveling in post war myth, fantasy and junk history.

Jews in Italy under Fascist and Nazi Rule, 1922???1945 (Hardcover) (ISBN: 0521841011 / 0-521-84101-1)

the pope "did not give ANY orders to the various Roman Catholic institutions of Rome to open their doors to the Jews

A book written by Susan Zuccotti1 about the ~1939–1945~~VATICAN / family owned /..POPE PIUS}, CATHOLIC, propaganda ~ PAPER L'Osservatore Romano

Therein She Wrote

" { IN the past ~~}she writes ~The frequent anti-Jewish articles in the official Vatican newspaper in the 1930s disappeared during the papacy of Pius XII

NO mention of Jews were made in the papers~} During the papacy of Pius XI and the eXtermination of Jews through CATHOLIC countries }}}

"""""" L'Osservatore Romano did not publicize the destruction of Europe's Jews during the Holocaust and remained reticent on other German atrocities. It did report Soviet cruelties and aggression.

""" Even after the liberation of Rome in June 1944, the newspaper failed to denounce the ongoing genocide. """


Pope Pius & HIS Catholic country was ALL~ GUNG~ HO~ for putting this Convicted Criminal Hitler into power and helping Germany / ..the pope was completely silent about the Jews....

His church had spent 2000 years killing, force converting, & denouncing, persecuting and driving the Jews down

ALL of a sudden the whole operation was over.....THEY LOST THE WAR...........NOW THEY .......TAKE A COMPLETE 180....% TURN and declare WE are not on Hitler’s side......

we are on the ALIED forces side,,,,we are not fascists.....we are the good guys

....we save JEWS....WE HELP THE JEW>.......were.... Jew LOVERS...

The facts prove that even after the war was over. The Pope still was silent, even after the war was over STILL never said a single public word publicly to help the surviving Jews.

even after the war was over

the Pope and Catholics in Europe did nothing after the war. Absolutely Nothing to help the millions of starving, hurting, homeless and suffering Jews. Nothing in a public effort. And the War was over.