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If a "Mental Disorder" can be medicated, then is it really a disorder?


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This debate literally has nothing to with celery

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Disorder is a lack of control, but medication helps to control.

See the contradiction?

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No I don't.

The word disorder only means lack of order. Or in the case of illnesses, both physiological and mental, a disorder in the body's chemicals, hormones, or internal functions.

Simply, the body is out of balance. Most if not all mental disorders are due to an imbalance in the brains chemicals. What we call neurotransmitters.

Medications can often times restore balance. Bring the mind or the body back to stats of homeostasis. Which means balance.

Your body is always striving to attain and maintain homeostasis.

So.....of course any illness that can be treated with medication is a legitimate illness. It's just that meds can alleviate or even eradicate the imbalance.

This question is silly!

Like asking if your busted crankshaft is still a mechanical problem just because a mechanic can fix it.

Hope this helps.

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ProLogos(2798) Disputed
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Hmmm? What? My point wasn't that it isn't an illness, my point is that the word disorder is being used improperly.

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