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YIsRisenLord(1200) pic

If a cat licks itsself, is it, a pussy licker?

Just saying!


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SexNoodle(37) Banned
1 point

I don't like Nom very much, but I do agree with him about you worshipping Satan. Only a nasty devil worshipper would make such an unchristly debate. Jesus is offended by your language and asked me to let you know on his behalf.

Side: Yes.
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I have done nothing wrong, and you don't have the right, to lie, about me. This debate is a joke, just like yyou.

Side: No.
SexNoodle(37) Disputed Banned
2 points

I have done nothing wrong

Jesus told me you use bad words and practice witch craft. That is pretty bad.

you don't have the right

Sorry but rights come from God and God doesn't like you because he voted for Joe Biden and you voted for Trump.

This debate is a joke, just like yyou.

What is a joke is that you are like 40 years old and still haven't figured out how to use commas.

Side: Yes.
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