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 If a person votes for a KKK member for President, is he supporting racism? Of course, YES! (2)

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If a person votes for a KKK member for President, is he supporting racism? Of course, YES!

In the same way, if a person votes for a politician who vows to keep No Restriction abortions of viable babies legal, he is supporting the killing of viable babies for any reason.

This is just obvious common sense fact, yet we have most people on the Left denying what they support with their vote. Anyone that denies the obvious truth is a total waste of time to debate.

To all you Lefties who know exactly what you support, but lack the character and honesty to admit it, please make this site a better pace and get off!
How can you be so dysfunctional to refuse to admit the obvious?

I realize that admitting the inhumanity you support would make you look like some kind of animal, BUT YOU ARE! There is no other way to slice it up. You are an evil person that supports killing viable babies who do feel pain while being dismembered.

This election you have a choice. You can continue supporting a Democrat Party tied to radical Pro abortion groups, or you can vote for humanity and protecting viable babies. Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually be honest about what you support? You might feel more secure about yourself and the policies you have embraced with your vote.

Come on over to the side of humanity, you will be welcomed. You will no longer have to hide behind deception and aliases.

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We are not talking about extreme case late term abortions. The GOP already supports those.

We are talking about killing viable babies for any reason! This is what ALL the Democrat Presidential candidates support!

They ALL support getting rid of the Hyde Amendment which protects tax payers from paying to kill these babies.


The sickest part of Democrat hypocrites is that you will scream to high Heaven if a KKK or some White Supremace votes for Trump. It matters not who votes for any candidate.


Democrats do!