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Rusticus(1959) pic

If pissant troll Dermot is able to get me banned, BAN ME RIGHT NOW

Dermot the troll is insisting that I'm Nom (apparently everybody is Nom) and he's going to have me banned because he's best buds with the site owner.
Let's put it this way, if a pissant troll like Dermot has any real authority on this web site I DEMAND TO BE PERMANENTLY BANNED because if a little troll 
like that has any REAL authority here this is the VERY LAST PLACE I want to spend any time.
Do I believe I'll be banned?  Nope, but if I do get banned and trolls like Dermot and his Nazi racist buddy Antrim are allowed to stay I'd be glad to be gone 
because that would tell me that this site is nothing more than a right wing racist farce and I wouldn't want to participate in it anyway.
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Well seeing as you put it that way ...... Bye , 👋👋👋 Or should I say Cherrio old sport 👋👋👋

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Was that a Gatsby reference ;) ?

Dermot(5793) Clarified
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What do you think ? ..................................................l

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Well, in the spirit of the new, improved order of the site I would suggest that we all dispense with the juvenile practice of petty ''name calling'' and try to belittle our adversaries by presenting more persuasive arguments and leave the personal slurs at the entrance door.

The personal insults completely eclipse the topic for discussion and always, without exception, ends up in a meaningless mud slinging match which has no bearing on the issue for debate.

Time to mature and abide by THE RULES.

No matter what we think of the rules we have all, me included, contributed, to a greater or lesser extent, towards their introduction.

Everyone needs a set of rules-laws or at least a voluntary code of practice to regulate their actions otherwise we all sink into a state of anarchy.

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Hmmm, I'm still able to log in. How strange.

I'm sure you'll get around to banning me tomorrow, right?

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
2 points

Only Piss Ant here is you but your Stupidity is entertaining as i enjoy my ice cold beer made by those Nasty Corporations that are not people ROTFFLMMFAO!!

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Everyone is a Troll in your world ! Might it be said that all that enter the WWW are Trolls ? Just think if the Progressives could have taken over the Internet trough the lies of Obama and his Net Neutrality you Progressives would have no Trolls but you would have a State Run Internet you so crave.

Accept the fact you are a Totalitarian ! Only problem you cannot package it and hide it anymore !

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Would it not be more time efficient if you banned yourself and simply logged out and never returned?

Or, you could stay and try to engage in reasoned debate without inciting ill feeling with your personal insults.

Personally I feel that you would be unable to function without haranguing those with opposing views to your own.

If you would address this character flaw I'm sure you'd be an asset and positive contributor to the site.

Get rid of your self destructive aggression and give REASONED AND RATIONAL ARGUMENT A TRY.

Rusticus(1959) Disputed
1 point

@Antrim - I see you.

I advise anybody reading this to read through Antrim's waterfall.

You'll see him too, and it won't take but a minute.