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If a right wing mob was attacking your car, would you run over them?


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Let them kill me

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There are quite a few caveats to this.

Am I in the car at the time? Are my kids in the car with me? Do I fear for my life? Are they just trying to attack the car or do I believe my life will be next after they are done with the car?

Also, I don't give a crap if they are left or right wing. If someone is attacking my car and I know they won't stop there and my children are with me, I'm running them over to get away if I have to. I'm less inclined to care about the lives of someone who is putting my children in danger, then if it were just me in danger. If the mob is just going after the car and no one is in it, then I don't care about the car.

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Given that it's barely ever a right-ring group that actually does such things. There is really little reason to belive that such a group would mob my car. I'd have to say that I'd still have to run someone over, especially if my life, or the life of my family depended on it.

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If a right-wing mob has the right to carry, I have the right to parry ... with whatever weapon I have at my disposal. It's called "self-defense"! They won't get any "deader" with a car than with an AR or Desert Eagle. The left has as much right to a weapon of choice as the right.

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If a right wing mob was attacking your car, would you run over them?

Hello C:

Uhhh, no.. My car can be repaired. The guy I flattened with my tires can't.


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Sarlacc(21) Disputed
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If he shoots you dead, you can't be replaced either. At least you have your priorities in order. Right wing mob lives matter more than black lives. Do you ever stop licking the white mans' boots?

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Why only a right-wing mob?

The question is discriminatory insofar there is a thinly veiled implication that only right-wing mobs attack cars.

Would it be more acceptable to run over a left-wing rabble attacking your vehicle than a right-wing mob doing the same thing?

Do you make a habit of trying to promote discord between left and right political supporters by mischievously asking inflammatory questions?

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