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If a snake oil salesmen tries to sell you his elixer, should you believe him?

When any salesmen is selling you something, you should be very discerning before believing his rhetoric.

This is why I take all the rants from Democrats about climate change with a grain of salt. These are the same snake oil salesmen from decades ago.

They hate fossil fuels, so therefore they have ulterior motives when trying to make you believe the sky is falling.

Remember global cooling 50 years ago? What happened to all their scare tacitcs?

Remember Global warming? What happened?

Now they call it climate change because that incompasses everything and can never be shown to be another failed model. Climate always changes, since time began!

So the next time you listen to the people on the Left judging anyone who does not completely agree with all their snake oil claims? Be very very careful to what this person is selling! For the Democrat Party, they are buying votes from their environmental activists, as well as votes from all the low end voters who have been brainwashed to believe the exxagerations. Just remember, they are saying it will be all over in 12 years if you do not vote for Democrats.

Many Scientist say it is too late to fix the problem by lowering greenhouse gasses. Who do you believe?
Does that Democrat Party sound like a snake oil salesmen to you?
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The only elixer that can be sold is to the uninformed Democrats.

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I must comment that I am very disappointed with your apparent skepticism about climate change.

The environmental crisis has nothing whatsoever to do with the Democrats, nor indeed any political party's ideology, right, left or otherwise.

It has however, everything to do with the irrefutable scientific facts which are supported by the melting ice of the polar regions, extreme weather conditions such as the unprecedented fires in California, the wild bush fires in Queensland Australia and the widespread flooding in the north east of England.

To try to suggest that the world's highly qualified scientists are akin to snake oil salesmen is beyond contempt and undermines the validity of any other agenda, such as your stand on abortion, which you may wish to expound.

The levels of the oceans which we have poisoned and contaminated are steadily rising ,storms with previously unheard ferocity are devastating parts of many Asian countries, Despite all this we have to endure the pomposity of ignorant people like you bellowing their virtue signaling anti-abortion rhetoric while trying to tell us that what is happening in front of our eyes and being factually reported by the world's media is a figment of our imagination.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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You chose to ignore my post to you on your recent debate concerning Climate Change, and now responding to my debate as if I do not believe there is anything going on. This is very deceptive of you!

Typical tactic of people screaming the sky is falling. I will repeat what I told you, and then you can respond to the actual concerns from people such as myself.

"The best measure to fight climate change, which has been happening since the beginning of time, is to ignore the partisan sky is falling fossil fuel haters.

I've been listening to these same political environmentalists preaching how we were having Global cooling, and when it never happened, Global warming, and when that did not happen.... "CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!

The words "Climate Change" covers it all after every other failed prediction.

The Oceans are not rising anywhere near the rates these doomsday Sayers told us it would.

They screamed we would have Coastal homes sitting in water by this time! That we would have record numbers of Hurricanes on the East coast, when in fact we had record FEW hurricanes on the East coast.

Once you ignore the Al Gores and other radical fossil fuel haters, maybe the sane people in our world can come together with common sense answers to obvious things we can all agree on.

When you have Left wing activists trying to shut down fossil fuels, radically increasing our electricity costs, cutting millions of jobs, etc., there will be instant opposition rather than compromise.

Until nations like China, Russia and many others take the same hits to their fossil fuel industry, so we can all be working on an even playing field, there will be no compromise.

Those on the Left are such activists when it comes to any subject, our nation is in a constant state of bitter partisan politics. These radicals have absolutely nothing good to say about Trump, who has done many great things for our economy, our never ending illegal immigration problems, getting Mexico to patrol their own borders, China's trade policies, ISIS retaliation, bringing jobs back to America, getting NATO to pay more for military protection, etc.

You would think he is Hitler to listen to these Socialistic Democrats. He is the first President I ever saw whose main goal is to accomplish his promises made to the American people. HOW REFRESHING IS THAT?

The reasons these Democrats constantly seek political warfare when it comes to any issue, comes down to one word.... politics!

The Democrat Party has become the Party of identity politics, and will always pander to their LGBT, Feminist, Pro abortion, Environmental, groups. They will never compromise as witnessed with their radical support of No Restriction abortions. They could not even bring themselves to compromise with the GOP's 20 week limit abortion bill (even when the Bill still allowed extreme case late term abortions).


It's all politics, and a person must see through that extreme political grandstanding before anything will ever get done."

Saltal(196) Disputed
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The politicians hear the same warnings as we all do from the scientists but, in the main they choose to ignore the warnings for reasons of political expediency.

If possible, try to expunge yourself of your hysterical fixation about some mythical international political conspiracy as well as 100s of scientists from every country in the world trying to convince us that there a potential climate change Armageddon.

What do you think all these 100s, if not 1000s of people have done?

All gathered AT SOME SECRET LOCATION and conspired to concoct a fantasy about global warning?

Are you mad?

Check out the warning from David Attenborough, OM, CH, CVO,CBE,FRS,FRSA,FZS, FSA, FRSGS.

Hundreds of natural historians like Attenborough have, along with the world's leading scientist all been issuing the same stark warnings about climate change.

BE ADVISED THAT GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT A POLITICAL CONSTRUCT nor is it the exclusive domain of politicians.

If you cannot accept the facts then be careful you don't suffocate with your head in the sand.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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I will bellow against the radical abortion trade sponsered by the Democrat Party until the day I die!

Self consumed Climate change extremists could not care less that viable unborn babies, WHO DO FEEL PAIN, are being dismembered for mere convenience, but you can not stand how we are having stronger storms.

I might have some respect for you if you cared about both issues, but people like you are extremists with agendas and I will never take you seriously!

Any person who says nothing while viable babies are killed, goes on my lists as a complete waste of time.

If you want people to take you seriously, you better start showing some humanity for all innocent life, right here and right now!

Chinaman(2982) Clarified
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What are the fools at the UN going to do about the Climate Chaos you claim there is.

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We've just had Sir David Attenborough on BBC television stating that the peoples from around the world have changed their attitude towards the use of plastic and there is a growing awareness of what we've done to the planet.

He continued by saying that plastic is a ''vile and horrid'' material.

Plastic has blighted and contaminated the land as well as decimating marine life in our seas and rivers for decades.


FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Who is complaining about environmentalists speaking out on the harm from plastics? Recycling plastic is a great thing to do. No one is implying there have not been good things accomplished from the efforts of environmentalists.

Try sticking to the points I make concerning activist Climate Change doomsday prognosticators and their failed models.

Would you take seriously anything Hitler had to say concerning Climate Change when knowing he was supporting the Holocaust of Jews? This is how many people feel towards those on the Left who support killing even viable babies for any reason.

Their message is lost by radical support for this type of inhumanity. The Left leaning political activism of these people kills their message no matter any possible validity.

Most of Socialist Europe is Left leaning and will obviously side with Climate Change activists.

The sane non political adults in the room must come together on points of agreement and long term solutions.

Chinaman(2982) Clarified
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What are the Brits going to do when they have no plastic in the cars that they drive.