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Man=woman right? 19=70, right? Old man= young woman, right?
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 Man=woman right? 19=70, right? (4)
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If a teenager identifies as being 70 should he/she be allowed to draw the pensio

Where and when, if ever, will this gender identification madness and woke craziness stop?
Those who speak out against the ''inmates running the lunatic asylum'' are ''cancelled' by the lunatics.
We have sleepwalked into the real nightmare scenario in which the lunatics really do run the asylum. 
Have a look at who's running the country and squirm in horror and tremble in fear. 

Man=woman right? 19=70, right?

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Old man= young woman, right?

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Most astute people, right or left, will be starting to notice that the lunatics have well and truly, ran the country into the ground.

The clever ones will have realized that we've past the point of no return all courtesy of the woks and the leftist liberals as well as a little help from the Conservatives.

The spaghetti really is, just starting to hit the fan now.

Feeling the heat?

Wait a while for the flickering flames to be fanned into a Biden roaring inferno.

of economic disaster and rapid national decline.

Hey you 81 million dummies who voted for Poopy Pants, how do you like the price of gas, the soaring inflation and the empty shelves?

That's what you voted for and that's what you got.

Smile, you're on reality candid camera.

Side: Man=woman right? 19=70, right?
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Ah, it's so reassuring to know that in ''this great country of ours'' we can all be whatever we want.

Blethering old idiots who identify as being the president can actually live the fantasy.

Men can be women and women can be men, it's truly great.

How God and nature got it all wrong.

Side: Old man= young woman, right?
excon(17400) Disputed
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It's kinda basic Americana.. Most everybody knows this shit.

Hello P:

As I said, most people know this shit... Can't help ignorance.


Side: Man=woman right? 19=70, right?
Pench(841) Disputed
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Reading children's fairy tale books and smoking pot leads to the kind of ''Americana'' we're all having to suffer now.

This is what's wrong with America today, too many people like you, and not enough people like Donald Trump.

You say you're 79. Well, ask yourself this question, what have I ever achieved in my life?

My assessment of you is that you'll go to your grave as a dead parasite who lived off the enterprise and hard work of others.

Hope you're proud of yourself.

Side: Old man= young woman, right?