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If conservatives are uneducated laborers, doesn't that make them the bourgeoisie?


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And Nom and Mingiwuwu were nowhere to ever be seen again...

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Mingiwuwu(1467) Disputed
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You may alter the wording to make me look stupid when I make you look stupid but you have literally made the biggest slip up and it's hilarious to me.

The Bourgeoisie is the people who run shit, they are the people just below the rich and above the laborers. They are the upper-middle class or sometimes just middle class. You don't know how silly this jibe is now and you should not mention my name in this bullshit because I am not a Marxist, I am a Plato-Republican.

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xMathFanx(1742) Clarified
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You support the model of Plato's Republic? Is that your official political view, at this time?

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This doesn't even make sense. .

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He was assuming bourgeoisie are a whole class beneath the one they are.

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