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If gender doesn't exist, can misogyny exist in a genderless world?


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Who said gender doesn't exist?? Must'a been some religious quack. It's kinda like a virus, different "variations" keep popping up! ;-)

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notashmire(7) Disputed
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I've met quite a few people that say gender doesn't exist. And the question says "if gender doesn't exist".

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If gender doesn't exist

Hello G:

If gender didn't exist, we wouldn't either.. It's science..


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Nomoturtle(856) Clarified
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Careful mate. That's officially an anti-science position these days, and a hate crime depending on where you live.

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Those who would have us believe that male and female genitalia are meaningless and sexual categorization is exclusively dependent upon the preferred gender identity of the individual couldn't argue against the impossibility of the existence of misogyny.

As the truth is however, that this fanciful notion derives from the diseased minds of the loony-leftist progressives, misogyny and indeed misandry does exist.

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