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If gender is a social construct, why is homosexuality genetic?

I don't know it doesn't seem very consistent to me. Doesn't it seem a bit hypocritical or biased? 

I mean gender is much more straight-forward than sexual preference. I only seek the truth. I can accept both to be social constructs or both being genetic. Otherwise it seems to be just a political agenda.
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Homosexuality isn't genetic, gender is not a social construct.

Sex/Gender are labels used to categorise people by their biological traits.

Sleman(25) Clarified
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I agree with you on gender. I would say there isn't enough data on homosexuality to determine whether it is genetic or not, though.

But obviously my question is to those that think gender IS a social construct because I think they're being logically inconsistent.

You're grouping two groups of people that you disagree with into one, so that you can point out hypocrisy, that doesn't actually exist. You disagree with the established science that homosexuality is predetermined by your genes, so you lump this idea in with the idiots on tumblr who say there are 57 different genders.

Sleman(25) Clarified
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Mate, just answer my question. Why are you trying to guess what I am trying to do? I never said that I disagree with the established science that homosexuality is predetermined by genes!

I am not trying to do anything. There is no purpose to my question other than genuine curiosity. Those Tumblr idiots you speak of do think that homosexuality is predetermined but absolutely NOTHING ELSE is predetermined by genetics.

I hope there is someone who adheres to this group who could explain their point of view to me.

You are useless here because you probably hold the same view that I have. I don't think it is an established science, it is all speculation. But I do lean towards the genetic predeterminism of homosexuality.

SO, my question is to those who believe in 57 different genders ( Because I am sure they also think homosexuality is genetic).

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NO, you are USELESS to ME.

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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There is no established science that homosexuality is predetermined by your genes. Get real!

The day they have a test for homosexuality, will be the day that the Left starts testing for and killing Gay babies as they do special need's babies.

Homosexuality is a choice as we see many people going back and forth.

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Christians have higher abortion rates than non Christians.

Can you prove with a scientific study that being gay is genetic?..........................................................

NerdRaper(65) Clarified
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It doesn't take a genius to work out homosexuality isn't genetic, who passes it on? lol

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If being a queer is genetic, then show us the gay gene. Oh wait. There isn't one. lol

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Come on, guys! Are there no SJWs here who believe in a rainbow of genders?

Can anyone at least try to speculate their logic when they assign choice to gender but predeterminism to sexual orientation?

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Homosexuality is being attracted to the same sex.

One's gender is not the same thing as one's sex, so if gender is a social construct, biological sex would still not be, so homosexuality could exist.

I don't see a contradiction in these two ideas. Whether either is true, I don't really know or care.

Sleman(25) Disputed
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Well they have made this distinction between sex and gender making gender out to be whatever your perceive yourself to be in your mind. Sex is based on reproductive parts.

So I would say that sexual orientation is comparable to gender, not sex. There is no physical test to check if you have any biological attribute that determines your sexual orientation. So, do you see the contradiction? Two mental states, one is genetic and the other is a social construct.

But I was stupid. Now that I think of it, they do think that gender is something you are born with regardless of your sex. They just think that the matching of sex and gender is social.. so those idiots on the left are kind of consistent after all.