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If someone asked you to kill them, would you?

We watched this Harvard lecture the other day in TOK class, and I found it interesting. It was about choices or something... can't remember. The point is:


If someone asked you to kill them, would you? Would that be considered ethically and morally wrong? Does consent justify murder? 

I would kill them

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I would NOT kill them

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If they have a good reason and are serious, then sure.

Hypothetical Situation: You are in a field many miles away from any civilization. You have no communication devices (cell phones, etc). With you is your friend who is severely injured. Your friend is in extreme pain and will not survive long enough for you to get him/her to safety. Your friend asks you to kill him/her. What do you do?

For me, I would kill them. Trying to reach help is pointless as your friend would die before you can get any, and why would you prolong the pain your friend is in? If the roles were reversed, I would expect the same.

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I also wouldn't consider this "murdering". A much better phrase to describe this is mercy-killing.

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If they were terminally ill, yes because I want not want to suffer. .

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I would only do it if they agreed to do a samurai death battle.

I of coorse wud get the final blow and I wouldn't mind getting a few more stab wounds and slice wounds.

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I think this is perhaps to do with euthanasia so i will stick to that. In my opinion everyone has the right to live but also the right to die. If a person truly feels s/he cannot bare living any more and they are handicapped in some way that prevents them from doing the deed (whether it be physical or mental), i feel that then their wishes should be met to at least die in a way they want to by someone they can rely on (this doesn't imply to know the person). However the limits for me are if its a cry for attention or that their excuse for not wanting to live was trivial or resolvable, if otherwise then yes i would and i do think i would sleep well about it too. Life should be a choice for the person who's life it is and if they need help with the decision or outcome i think as a fellow human we should try to help, but that's my opinion of course. :)

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No, you can't just kill someone like that! I'd try to get them some help.

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Because personally it wouldn't feel right taking someone's life away, with or without their consent. In my opinion, murder is murder and consent shouldn't determine how right it is or not.

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Because assisted suicide is against the law so I could get in trouble.

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Cynical(1948) Disputed
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Would you violate your own moral standards if there were laws contradicting them?

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Well yes because I don't want to go to prison/juvy, I am only 14 and have my whole life ahead of me, I am not going to blow that away for some one else. If they want to die so much they can go to Dignitas in Switzerland and have them do it for them, not me.

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I wouldn't kill the person.

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I would tease them though. I'd get a gun and then aim it at their head and click it a few times and say, "Oh crap.... sorry.... I forgot to load it." On the second try I would make sure the gun would jam and fuss with it a little bit, eventually firing it at the ground when they least expect it. Of course I would apologize profusely again. On the third try I would press the clip release button. More apologies. By then I bet they would have changed their mind ;)

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I'd pay them to pay someone else to do it. ;)

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