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 If the Democrat Party is even thinking about Hillary again, what does that tell you? (15)

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If the Democrat Party is even thinking about Hillary again, what does that tell you?

It tells me everything I already knew about the Party. They are bankrupt of ideas because they are tied 100% to their extreme Liberal base.

What did America get for eight LONG years with an extreme Liberal President?

Non stop identity politics.
Non stop race bating.
Non stop LBGT indoctrination.
Non stop feminist rhetoric.
Non stop pretend outrage over ISIS mass killings with absolutely no willingness to stop it. Trump stopped it his first year!
Non stop cop bashing.
Non stop lies and corruption.
Forced Obamacare with insanely high premiums and deductibles. Only those who don't work or very low income could afford it. The middle class working man had to go without insurance for his family, and pay a penalty besides.

Hillary is another Liberal Politician living and breathing her identity politics, and having total disdain for the working man. We are deplorable and irredeemable to her.

If the Democrat Party is even thinking about her running again, or Elizabeth Warren, or some other Liberal, they are showing their true colors and total disdain for middle America. 

Run another Liberal for President, and show where your priorities lie, because it's sure not for all Americans. Those hard working middle class families are mere tools to fund your Liberal ideology.

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Democrats love keeping people on welfare, in the ghettos, hooked on drugs. This is why they give out free drug needles rather than holding them responsible for breaking the law.

This is why they never address ways to get African Americans off welfare.

This is why they love giving illegal immigrants free access to America... it's all about growing their base.

Their plan is dumbing down America, never addressing the core reasons for all the problems in people's lives.

Broken people are what the Left wants. These are the people they pander to with the working American's money.

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Yes, those on the Left use the very same tactics as radicals like Alinsky.

They play identity politics and use their useful idiots to gain power. The more our culture collapses from moral break down, the more useful idiots there are. This is why the Left says nothing to the core reasons for all the broken families, drug addicts, etc. etc.

These people are their base.

So tell me what plans the Democrat Party has for helping our economy and middle class families.

Oh, I forget, they spend all their time talking about women, Gays, Transgenders, African Americans, illegal immigrants etc. etc.

There's no time to talk about the people who pay for everything in this nation.

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