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Cause it DOESN'T work? It's AOC's fault
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If the free market in energy works, why are Texans freezing?

Cause it DOESN'T work?

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It's AOC's fault

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I've tried (unsuccessfully) to explain this to you many times. The idea of the capitalist market being free is a contradiction. You need a large sum of capital to compete in the market, and that figure is rising all the time.

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Flawed thinking.

Start small and expand the business model on profits.

Hertz Car Hire started 1918 with 12 model T Fords and within 5 years was operating with over 600 vehicles.

Amazon started in a garage of a rented house in Washington.

Mark Zuckerberg started Face Book from his Harvard Dom room on a few dollars. Its estimated worth now is 350 billion dollars'

YouTube started in a cubical and is now worth some 40 billion dollars.

The utilities should however be run by the government as the businessman will err on the side of profits whereas vote conscious politicians will be mindful of the electorate.

The Texas power scandal was due to a number of factors including the failure of some of its renewable energy generators such as wind turbines which froze in the extremely low temperatures.

Texas is one of the very few states, if not the only one, not connected to the national grid.

That means in emergencies, just as they're experiencing, there is no back-up.

Profits before people.

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