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If the left helps create a virus, am I obligated to mask up for their stupidity?

Yes, authoritarianism

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Shut up negro

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I think you should apportion blame where it belongs.

So, prepare a placard here, then head over to Wuhan and make your anti-covid-19 demonstration there.

The Chinese communist regime will be most accommodating by insisting that you attend one of their re-education camps as their velly honoured guest.

They've everything at these re-education camps including water-boarding and the fantastic dripping machine.

Why Disney World couldn't compare.

Oh yes, don't wear a mask, that would spoil the fun.

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idk about 'obligated' but other people being dicks isn't obviously an excuse for u to b one too

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If the left helps create a virus, am I obligated to mask up for their stupidity

Hello F:

No, of course not.. Get yourself sick - that'll show 'em.


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No, of course, you don't HAVE to wear a mask, it's just strongly encouraged to do so. No law is enforcing masks. You can't get arrested. But, you can get sick. It completely depends on what YOU want to do.

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