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If the rapture occured would you convert to Christianity?

I was wondering if the rapture occurs and God takes his people into Heaven would you guys convert to Christianity and would that be proof that God existed to you?


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No because.......

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I assume that when the rapture comes, it will all be pointless. It wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference whether I converted or not, if I'm already in Hell.

It would be pretty compelling evidence for God though. I'd rather he revealed himself by just coming in a dream, rather than making me suffer for all eternity for me not believing, but meh.

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The rapture is one of the many ideas of Christianity which make me dislike it. I dislike that mortals with a limited lifespan and no access to this all powerful being in this limited life, should be punished for eternity for not blindly following. It's counter-human to do such, leading me to believe this all powerful entity really doesn't like his creation, would rather us be something else.

Faced with proof that what I see now as fanciful human imagination, were true, would not make the fundamentals of what I dislike of this religion any different.

If anything the fact of such a thing happening would increase my disdain for this tyrannical being. The truth of it increasing my ire more than fantasy could.

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Indeed; arguing on purely logical grounds as well, why would God select some to be assumed to heaven and leave others behind when (assuming the rapture to be physical), transporting all humankind there would serve as definitive, absolute proof of God's existence; isn't the selective nature of the rapture a kind of penalty for disbelief in the first place?

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No because I still disagree with a lot of things Christians tell me. And I'd rather hold on to my beliefs regardless of where they take me.

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Srom(12207) Clarified
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But the Bible says that the rapture will occur and you still won't believe? You know when everyone is left behind its going to be very terriable. And you have 7 years to ethier convert or just stay where your belief is.

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Dremorius(861) Clarified
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Jesus never returned for our great, great, great, great, great grand parents. So I don't see how it should be different for us.

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Saurbaby(5579) Clarified
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I didn't say I wouldn't believe, just that I wouldn't convert. Big difference.

And it doesn't matter if I do. Either way I have to suffer for those seven years. lol

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If I am given sufficient proof of Christianity, then I will happily convert, and repent for my sins (for my opinions on morality would also be wrong).

But, a prophecy coming true doesn't necessarily have to mean that Christianity is true, a it's happened before for many religions. Were it to happen in such a way that Christianity is proven to be true, such as a Middle Eastern man (yes, Jesus was born in Egypt after all) coming from the clouds and telling me so, then I would obviously believe, but an apocalypse, in itself, is not proof to me.

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I would hope that god would be able to see through any conversion motivated by fear.

If the god of Christianity exists, i want absolutely nothing to do with a slimeball like him, and i hope i get a chance to let him know how defiled and lied to and used i feel by him and his followers before he ships me off to eternal torture.

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There are the widely-known phenomena of out-of-body and near-death experiences, both of which long having been shown to be biochemical in origin, thereby mitigating against the then-apparent evidentiary strength of religious experiences for theism. In other words, how will anyone claiming to be raptured know that it isn't all in their heads?

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i would not convert to a religion that basically says 'love me, honor me, worship me, and if you dont, you will burn in hell' i would rather burn.

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I'm already Christian, but if I wasn't I wouldn't convert if the rapture happened. Isn't that a little too late??

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no... FUCK no.

Why would I want to convert to Christianity when their God would do something like that?

I am morally superior to the Christian God; he is below me on a moral level, so I would not worship him.

Besides, the amount of people who actually believe that such a thing will happen is overwhelming, it’s pathetic. But at the same time, it’s very VERY frightening considering a lot of people in power actually believe it will happen too… and they hold the codes to the nukes!

Whats worse than a prophecy such as this? A self fulfilling prophecy such as this.

Its sickening , REALLY TRULY stomach turning, to think that there will actually be hordes of dumb idiots rejoicing in the streets when the bombs start dropping because they’ll say “oh, it’s just like the scripture said ‘balls of fire’” and then BOOM! They die with a smile on their brainless, empty fucking heads.

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If the rapture happened, those who wanted to be a part of being lifted into the air would not have the time to become a Christian.

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