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makes sense to me life sarts when you're born
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If there's an "afterlife" shouldn't there also be a "prelife?"

if there's an afterlife, then that implies that we will always be and so it kinda makes sense that we always were.

makes sense to me

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life sarts when you're born

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I agree.

And the fact that there is no such thing as a prelife, is evidence that there is more than likely no such thing as an after life.

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How can you be sure that there is no such thing as a prelife or an afterlife?

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Well, lets think logically about this. Before we are born, and when we die, we don't have a brain. Increasingly, medical science is showing us how every function of the mind is a function of the brain. To think without a brain, is like moving without using your can't be done.

If we did exist in some form, before or after life, then what would we be? We wouldn't have eyes, so we couldn't see. We wouldn't have ears, so we couldn't hear. We wouldn't have nerves so we couldn't feel. And, as I just previously stated, we wouldn't be able to think brain.

Now, obviously this thought scared the crap out of our ancestors, so, as is the case with any fear of the unknown, people created stories to fill in the gap. Just like people created myths about how the sun rises everyday, what the stars and planets are, and how life was created, so too did they come up with stories about what happens after death. Some thought of reincarnation...others thought of a paradise. These myths, though reassuring, are not based on reality. Reality is, when you die that's enjoy your life.

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You know, if the afterlife is like the afterbirth, I'm not sure I want to go there ;)

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My religion teaches that we had a prelife. Just a fun fact.

Speaking of fact, your opinion of there being no such thing as prelife, not. (;

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I agree that nothing can be proven with infinite certainty. But it's not unreasonable to say there is no pre-life considering there is no evidence for it.

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Well, if you can socially invent an afterlife through a tradition of storytelling, moral fables, and religious rites, you could also come up with a prelife. Most religions tend to focus on creation stories than the origin of each person; how mankind came to be tends to be a hot question.

On a side note, I think it's fascinating how each person arrives on this earth as one cell, multiples incredibly yet within a succinct pattern, and emerges with a rapidly developing consciousness. I'm more blown away by this than any fictional pre-life narrative anyone could come up with.

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Although it kinda makes, sense after a few beers, it doesn't necessarily have to be that way because, for example, there's an afterbirth but there's no prebirth. Well, maybe the baby is the prebirth. OK, look, I'm just no good with these deep philosophical equestions ;)

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