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If there was a real life superhero vigilante like Daredevil etc. can they be ethical?

So a few months ago I posted a debate as to whether a superhero vigilante was possible. Now I'm questioning ethics. For those of you who haven't seen any vigilante movies, the circumstances are always that  the police for some reason cannot bring justice to some criminal who has somehow defeated the police every time. In any case, the vigilante is the one civilian (not police officer or military, but former military/police still counts) who turns out to be able to fight the bad guy but does not work with the law. In real life, given these kinds of circumstances, is there any case where such a person could be ethically justified in real life? Is it something that could become needed?


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Ok, yes this is an unrealistic scenario. But if seal team six can't do anything about someone who just manages to kill them all with their bare hands as well as armed national guardsmen, what's going to make a difference if the government sends people a second time?

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my answer is yes. I think when she or he is a superhero, it means she/ he will have money due to his/ her reputation and his/ her words will be something that everyone will always obey.

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I concur with your viewpoint and I'm hoping for more constructive improvements in the future moto x3m

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No. Vigilantees do not respect due process and the rule of law. Innocent until PROVEN guilty.

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It requires quite a lot of intrusion into people's private lives, in this age of rather advanced forensics, to be able to judge if law can't.

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