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 If viable babies are being killed & you vote for those supporting it, are you responsible? (14)

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If viable babies are being killed & you vote for those supporting it, are you responsible?

Of course you are responsible. You would have to be a complete moron to deny your culpability. Almost all of the Democrat Party supports No Restriction abortions of viable late term babies for ANY reason!

Every time the GOP tries to pass 20 week abortion limits (with extreme case exceptions), the Democrat Party denies them the 60 votes needed to pass the Bill.

This is fact, and when you knowingly vote for politicians who admit their opposition to any restrictions, you are responsible!

You know you are but lack the decency and honesty to admit it. The reason you refuse to admit it is because you know in your heart how selfish and inhuman you have become.

When a person knows in his heart the evil he supports, and refuses to admit it, what does that say about the person?
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To deny your culpability would be no different then denying your racism if you voted for an admitted KKK member.

Issues of inhumanity, such as abortion and slavery, are show stoppers when it comes to our vote. People can not simply say they are not one issue voters to excuse their support of such brutality.

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Yes. I don't fit into either party, but will NOT vote Democrat....................................................................................................................

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Thank you, It is nice to hear from a person with a conscience.....................

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You're welcome. I have been called a forced birth C U Next Tuesday for being prolife on Facebook.

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Not necessarily.

If a particular party was vehemently against abortion and made a pre-election pledge to abolish the practice, but also vowed to launch a series of massive nuclear strikes against all the nation's perceived enemies I'm certain few, if any would support such a party.

If on the other hand a pro-choice party's manifesto included the continuation of professionally supervised abortions within the parameters of the law and moral codes of practice, along with the introduction of a range of humanitarian measures aimed at relieving poverty, disease and hardship among all the nation's citizens, I'm convinced that that party would, and indeed should be supported.

The Zika outbreak in Brazil in 2017 highlighted the utter stupidity of banning all abortions, regardless of circumstances or outcome, on the grounds of the sanctimonious notions of religion.

Allowing babies to be born into this cut and thrust world with the burden of serious mental and/or physical defects is the epitome of premeditated cruelty and mind blogging thoughtlessness.

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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Sounds like you are trying to excuse voting for Democrats by using extreme case examples of abortions that the GOP has already allowed. The GOP 20 week late term abortion limit Bill already allows for extreme case abortions!

Please don't use extreme examples, that do not exist, to justify voting for these radical politicians tied to money and votes from radical feminist pro abortion groups.

Why are you trying to invent ludicrous analogies that don't exist, such as a Party that openly vows to nuke perceived enemies?

There could not be a more clear distinction between the two Parties when it comes to purposeful premeditated killing of innocent life.

Stick to the here and now when pulling that lever to vote. Look in the mirror and take a stand!

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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Have you called the Democrat Politicians you vote for, and made it clear you will no longer vote for them until they agree to pass laws that guarantee the safety of healthy viable late term babies of healthy mothers?

If not, it shows how little you care for the non extreme case late term abortions of innocent viable babies. Based on your argument, you are wasting everyone's time if you have not called.

Being depressed over the pregnancy, or being poor, etc. are not grounds for taking an innocent viable life! These are some of the ludicrous excuses made to justify the Left's radical support of No Restriction abortions.

Cocopops(347) Disputed
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Wrong, I'm a blue blooded Republican through and through.

The virtue signalling of the left wing Democrats makes my skin crawl.

My reply was simply a counter argument to your thread.

No malice nor scoffing was intended.

You made a fair point and hopefully you will view my reply as no more than an expression of a genuinely held opinion.

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They're not babies if they're not birthed.

Checkmate 🅱️theist

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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That's what slave owners said about black people. They said they were less than human.

The Nazi's said Jews were an inferior human.

You say viable babies are not born yet.

Do selfish inhuman people ever get tired of making excuses to why certain innocent lives do not deserve protecting?

Akulakhan(2985) Disputed
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It's an infant

Not a person.