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 If we find aliens, what would be the creationist excuse? (7)

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If we find aliens, what would be the creationist excuse?

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Agents of Hell!

Destroy them all!

Most of that wasn't relevant, but...yeah. Deeeeemuuuuuuuuuunz

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The usual shit, pick random unrelated passage in bible and "interpret it" so it means whatever you want...

Why would they need to offer an excuse? I would be completely honest and tell you that I don't have an answer for your finding, but it won't do much in altering my path with God.

Elvira(3445) Clarified
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Because it wouldn't fit in with the idea that God created the earth and humans in his image, unless they have some kind of follow-up bible ("And thus THE LORD became tired of the humans and created the Xians"). Aliens wouldn't fit in with the ideas of literal creationists very well at all.

Starchild123(832) Clarified
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It would most likely just fall under God's creation. If their was a void and God created the known universe I would assume that he created the aliens as well.

They'll probably say

"THOSE ARE SATAN'S CREATION, NOT GOD!!" Or some bullshit like tHAT

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Ummmmm the davil made them as demons to fight gawd. Seriously unthinking will be something like that.

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Why would there have to be an excuse, the creator created everything we see

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Well, most creationist religions contain life to Earth. I assume the debate creator was referring to Christian Creationism, which implies that life began in the Garden of Eden, and that Earth is unique for containing life.