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Straight up hubris Becasue we're better than you!
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If we're all sinners, why do some people act so high and mighty?

So right. I guess this has a lot of lovely religious connotations, but for people who aren't religious, just replace 'sinners' with 'human.'

Straight up hubris

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Becasue we're better than you!

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Not that I'm saying people shouldn't try to better themselves, nor should they keep their criticisms to themselves, but ladies n' gents, especially around here, people tend to forget their own glaring flaws, in favor of pointing everyone else's. In the context of Christianity, there's definitely a lot of hypocritical statements and braggings of knowing what's right and what's wrong.

Or really, I guess my point is, really, pointing out what's wrong with what everyone else is doing in such an aggressive manner is just... kinda dickish.

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I know. I have been called a Satanist and a liar just for making mistakes. I so almost left my religion today because of dickwad Christians.

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Cuz me big American Man.

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Why yes, I do stroll around on my high horse graciously offering my unsurpassed wisdom to you -scoff-... intellectual peasants. I guess I do it because I want to "give back", you've all given me so many laughs when you try your hardest at meaningful discourse, I just feel bad not offering something in return.

Nah, I kid, y'all seem like some smart fokes, 'cept that group over there, they should go color.

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Well, not everyone believes in the concept of sin. Secondly, not everyone believes they are still sinning. Thirdly, some people believe they deserve there ministerial positions- needless to say, when people act high and mighty they are acting in pride, so they unintentionally hit them self off their high horse.

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This seems more suited for a perspective debate.

I believe the reason they do it is because they have become complacent with their place set in heaven, since they have their savior Jesus taking the wrap and all.

So basically, in the end it might come down to them feeling they are better than people who don't love Christ, because people who don't love Christ (according to their religion) are going to suffer for it, while they're going to a nice cushy place of eternal happiness.

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