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If you LIVE by the DOW, you DIE by the DOW


If a rising DOW means Trump is doing a good job, does a falling DOW mean he's doing a BAD job??



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Yer NUTS, excon

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In this case, a falling DOW is based on a worldwide pandemic. If Carona passes, it'll be at 31,000 in a month, and you'll disappear as you have on all of the other occassions when it rallied for huge gains. Even if it didn't go up, it's 11,000 higher than Obama's highest, and not in 8 years, but in 3 years.

In other news, if it fell by 9,000 tomorrow, it would still be better than Barack's DOW, criminal reform was passed, pharmaceutical drug price transparency passed, and unemployment is at 3.5%, all being topics you are disinterested in discussing.

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In this case, a falling DOW is based on a worldwide pandemic

Do you mean as opposed to a rising DOW based on the false rhetoric and false numbers of a man who is literally copying Adolf Hitler?

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Trump can do no wrong ;)

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Bernie Bro you need to learn how to invest your money if you got any money.

You do know you can move money around to maximize your profits in a down market.

That is probably to much brain strain for the One Brain Cell you have.

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