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 If you Was Any Animal (Besides Human) what would you be? (14)

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If you Was Any Animal (Besides Human) what would you be?

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if you were

i would choose to be the great dane that your mother blows every night

GuitarGuy(6096) Clarified
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You correcting his grammar is kind of ironic, considering you said oborted in another debate.

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Rat. :)

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more specifically....he'd be a rat in a fags ass...........................................

I would be a Chimp. Their Highly Intelligent, and they can do anything humans can do. Plus I'll have superhuman abilities.

4 points

they can do anything humans can do

Well, that's obviously a false statement.

Plus I'll have superhuman abilities.

They would be superchimp abilities, normal human abilities. :)

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They can can climb 12 meter tall trees ( Humans can't do) they also are extremely strong ( Which your average human is not) Chimp babies are geniuses compared to Human babies. (Human Babes are retards.)

Hellno(17756) Disputed Banned
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they can do anything humans can do.

I award you the Stooopid Argument of the Day Award


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What did you just say, Fuck you! Every Debate I make, you discriminate. Your Done Asshole!

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I would be my dog. I would get to live an awesome life and still be around human me is is super sweet and not fat at all.

Hellno(17756) Banned
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Otter, duh.

I might be seal. I live in water, I'm known as a Deadly Predator, I'm a mammal, and I'm basically a dog Mermaid.

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I would be a lemming and jump off a cliff because my son JC has broken my heart by giving into temptation. His obsession with Justin Bieber is ruining his life. Just the other day I caught him humping his Justin Bieber pillow while wearing a horse mask. He kept whinnying like a horse and shouting Ezekiel 23:20! I cried myself to sleep that night, like I do almost every night.

I would be a cat. Cats are cute.

I would want to be a dolphin because I've always liked Flipper and I like how dolphins communicate and are the best swimmers.