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That's deep joe. Wait..., what?
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If you are forced to wait for the waiter, are you not then the waiter?

That's deep joe.

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Wait..., what?

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The waiter has to wait for the damn cooks. I was a waiter once it was SHITE I tell you! SHITE!

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I agree, I was a server for 7 years, and making friends with the cook is def something to consider. As for waiting for the waiter or server, all I can say is they are over worked under paid and I have noticed since I have not been a server how most people treat them and they don't tip worth a dam! My boyfriend and I get into it every time, I think if they do good they should get at least 15%. But he is one of those that thinks 5 bucks for a 60buck bill is ok. And I'm like HELLLNOOO!

Side: That's deep joe.
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