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If you ask someone to do you a favor, is there a quid pro quo?


I generally don't ask, but if I did and someone flat out REFUSES, I'm gonna remember it..  I dunno if I'd DO anything about it, but it WILL weigh on my mind..  Would I pay them back by REFUSING to do them a favor??  I might?  Or, I might do NOTHING at all.  Will it affect our relationship?  Yes..

Now, that's just me..  I WISH I were more magnanimous, but I'm not..  I WISH I were a better person, but I'm not.  Are you?


PS>  Am I talking about Trump?  I might be..


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There is always a quid pro quo because of the way the emotional part of the human brain works. The limbic system is a curious and still little understood wonder of nature. Without it you would be unable to experience joy or happiness, while at the same time it is so fallible, erroneous and stubborn it has provided the basis for every stupid decision ever made in the recorded history of civilisation.

But I digress. The point I wanted to make is that morality is also handled by the limbic system, since it is a human construct with no clearly objective and observable pattern in nature as a whole. When someone does you a favour it causes the limbic system to manufacture an IOU to that person because it senses a moral gap between you. You bought me a house? How will I ever repay you? That sort of thing. It's essentially a form of guilt your brain creates to let you know that you don't have the moral high ground. It also works the other way too, so that when you perceive that someone has wronged you, your limbic system creates the illusion that you are morally superior to that person, and this in turn forms the basis for future resentment.

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AlofRI(3161) Clarified
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I never did get much into the study OF the brain, but, it sounds like you're saying Trump is a "non-limbic conservative"????????? ;-)

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To the sane people of this world, who are not Trump haters, asking people for favors is a part of humanity. We all need help at times, and most of us are willing to ask.

When I ask people to help me around the house, there is never anything implied that I will deny them something if they refuse. Trump never implied such a thing as well, but Democrats are desperate to impeach him. They know they are going to lose the election because of all the great things he is accomplishing, so they are demonizing him at every turn.

Only with this sick intolerant Democrat hatred for Trump, is there always some kind of corruption, no matter what he says.

You are a perfect example of what I'm saying.

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No. Not unless there was an agreement before the favor was done. If there was no agreement before hand then there is no reason to assume there should be a quid pro quo from the other party. You can ask but take heed of their response, it should determine if you ever do a favor for them again.

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JamesDD(10) Disputed
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No. Not unless there was an agreement before the favor was done.

If somebody does you a favour you'll feel indebted to them whether you like it or not. Unless you're a sociopath of course.

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Mint_tea(4353) Disputed
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Fair enough but the lesson is on the one doing the favor. One can never assume the other will feel indebted enough to follow quid pro quo.

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