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I used to be in highschool. (shocker right?) and anyway I was a senior in highschool. and it was lunchtime, so me and a few friends were at the cafeteria. and it was a day like any other. so as per the stupid rules of the school, you're only allowed three bathroom passes per class per quarter.


so i go to use the bathroom during lunch and I'm a bit of a clean freak, so I kicked the toilet handle. (nudged it with my foot but slightly more weight than normal.) and the pipe comes out of the wall and water just goes Everywhere!. and I'm like Holy! So I run out and see Mrs. Fargo who's the administrator. and I'm like


"THE BATHROOM IS FLOODING OMGEEE" and so they bring a custodian down. and I go back and sit with my friends. who are kinda seeing something is up. so I don't tell them exactly what happens I just tell them they're probably going to want to go up to psych in not the direction of the bathrooms.


and they're like "Whyy?" and I'm like "I'll tell you later"


so we go back up to psych. and the teacher is like "Heard there was a bit of commotion down there in the cafeteria. any idea what happened?" and so I figured that if I didn't say anything it was basically lying so I told him that I did it.


the funniest thing about the whole fiasco is that the pipe I broke came from a main line. meaning the whole school's water system had to be shutdown and to add insult to injury had it not been the late lunch period, we might have been able to go home early. so this kid comes up to me in band and is like


"That was you that kicked the urinal?"


"yeah, why?"


"I was so thirsty ya bastard."


I went back to psych a few days later and the Mr. Plum was like "So I told the principle I know who broke the urinal"


"what'd he say"


"You don't say and he walked off" I was a good kid, so I was thankful that my good Karma was paying off.


and then when I went back to lunch my friend from another class was like


"Kayne, the next time you decide the curb stomp a urinal, Don't call upon the power of greyskull okay?"


and yeah...


Names were changed to protect the innocent (and guilty XD)

That's a great story! Thanks for sharing. You're a good writer. You reminded me of my favorite book, The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.

I did way worse things before I was Saved. Violence, mail time, alcohol, womanizing. Like Saint Paul did before he was Saved, I persecuted Christians.

Now I Am one. Go figure. But I still have to pray for foregiveness every day. The Devil tries to come after those who are freshly saved and I often feel him nipping at my heels.

Saint KnowNothing thinks Satan is my Father. But he is really like the evil Uncle who keeps coming over to visit. Satan. I try to keep Him away. When I interviewed for Seminary the rector told me he could tell that I had been in Satan's grasp at one time. But he also said he could tell I was in God's Grace now. I say that not to brag but to show my gratitude. I don't know why God chose to spend time with me, such was the evil nature of my past.

God Bless!

Once when I was shopping in a grocery store someone walked up to me and took one of my boxes of cereal out of my own cart. That man had guts. I still think about that sometimes. Pretty crazy if you ask me. Also sometimes I sneak snacks into movie theaters.

Oh yeah, I still sneak snacks into movies. But at least I'm not sneaking in little airline bottles of booze like I used to, before I quit drinking.

I blame the theaters! The exorbitant prices of their concessions are forcing me to break the rules!

One time, I was standing in a nice little cafe. I was sipping coffee and felt someone grip my butt. Now I was going to tell them off but saw it was a woman and she looked like she was straight outta prison ! She had some scary looking friends to. So I politely stood up, fell to the ground and screamed bloody murder.Someone caught the girls and called the cops(I think that was a tad bit to much). I fear that I will open the door and orange is the new black will be there ready to fuck me up !

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You created Slapshot and then this character. Is your life that dull that you cant just be you? Genuinely curious but I guess youre not going to tell me.

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again your wrong. and i looked up some past posts from that guy. why in the world would you think I am he? I see no similar ideas or personality. almost total opposit really. what are these tells? last time Im gonna tell you this, friendo. get a new conspiracy theory!

god bless.

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You have at least 3 very obvious tells. You are not even a fraction as smart as you think.

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Follow this conversation between me and Saintnow/ nomore.

Saintnow: Idiot. Every time I see you, I know you are bringing your demons who saved you to keep you going for a while before they escort you into the fire of Hell. What did you get saved from? dying? Killing yourself? How come you are still dying if you are saved? I'll tell you's because you are dead in your trespasses and sins, a dead man walking, you can call yourself a zombie but "dead" is the simple and direct an correct term.

Link: Best music3#arg714414

Me:Ok, sir. Let me give you a few pointers on why your statements are absolute garbage.

Firstly, "... Every time I see you..." face-palms WE ARE USING COMPUTERS YOU IMBECILE!

Second... "because you are a dead man walking..."

If I am dead, how can I still point out idiocracy and rubbish that is your "argument?" Why does a Christian man believe in zombies? What are you doing with your life? IS this what you hope to aspire to? Petty arguments on the internet with a person smarter than you?

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Thank you. I'm going to leave my boxes over here in the corner and unpack them later. Or heck, maybe I'll just use it for storage. It allows me to unclutter the rest of my spaces.


No problem.

I'm going to have artrag clean up the place and the toilets later anyway.